Have coffee with me: winter in Crete

So, most people think of Greece in the summer. Islands, sun, lovely beaches with crystal clear waters, yummy foods and ice-cold coffees. But what about the winter? What is life like during the winter? Well, I am going to show you a few pics and have a cup of coffee with you.


Our coffee date

Let’s imagine it’s Sunday afternoon. Typically people in my town (I live on the island of Crete) go for coffee with their friends after lunch.We (me and you, my reader) will go to the old Venetian harbour for coffee. There are loads of coffee shops to choose from. We will go to one called Pallas. You can have a nice coffee, get a cake, and sit there for a long, long time.


You see, in Greece coffee means hours of socialising. No one comes to pester you and ask if you want something else (maybe that’s why the economy sucks, cause of the endless coffee drinking!).

Some pics

Disclaimer: I am terrible at taking pics!!!! But even from my horrible pics, you can tell that there is a lot of beauty, even in Winter.



Fortetza (Venetian harbour, Chania, Crete)


Boats (Venetian harbour)



Alexandrian lighthouse in the Venetian harbour of Chania



The harbour



Restaurants, cafes, hotels in the Venetian harbour

Random fact:Winter in Crete is like summer in the UK. The temperature the last few months is between 15-22 degrees. If it is chilly, we sit indoors, if it cold, we sit outside.

So, this is a typical Sunday. this is my town in Winter :).

PicMonkey Collage coffee

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