How Greek is my Big Fat Greek wedding?

I saw my big fat Greek wedding 2 a couple of days ago and started thinking about how true the things shown in the movie are. As a gal who lives in ‘contemporary’ Greece and someone who grew up in Australia, I have experienced both sides of Greekness.That’s why  I had to write this post. I just had to. So, here goes:

How true/realistic are the things shown in the movie?


Yeap. The family meddles a lot. You have a mama’s gal and a papa’s boy. You have kids living with their parents till they get married (that’s more cause of the economy if you ask me). When there is drama, the first person to call is your mum, then the whole family knows. Weddings are big, family gatherings are big. Family and meddling go hand in hand.

Flags/ statues

OK, so, some people (in Greece) do have flags hanging from their balconies but that’s only on national holidays or when we win a big match or something. I was very curious about statues though. Do people actually buy/have statues in their gardens? Well, a little birdie told me that their family has a small statue in their yard (they live abroad, not in Greece). So, that’s correct too!!!



Food is very important. When you are invited somewhere, you eat. The more food you eat, the better it is. You better not make the mistake and say you are not hungry when you go to a Greek’s house. Food gets shoved down your mouth anyways!! Not eating food is considered rude.


Yes, we sing  (a lot), dance ( a lot) and music is a very important part of our lives. All Greeks think they can sing.We have lots of special songs to celebrate things.


Yes. Very loud. When we talk, you think we are arguing, but we aren’t. Nope. We are just chatting :).


We don’t think cleaning products solve everything. We do not think that all words derive from ancient Greek (although most do :p).

I am not going to review the movie, cause well, I don’t want to. I think I liked the first one better though.

Till the next post folks.

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See ya tomorrow



One thought on “How Greek is my Big Fat Greek wedding?

  1. I think the point of the movie though is to show a Greek family who is NOT living in Greece; people become more patriotic the further away they live from home – in Greece they would not have to put statues in their garden and make their house look like the pantheon because it’s all there already. Whereas in the states they feel the need to show off their heritage. I loved both movies, they are brilliant! 🙂


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