Let’s walk around my town: Chania, Crete

Hi there!!

I decided it was about time I took you around my town. I live in Chania, Crete (Greece). At the moment it is Easter time in Greece (Greek Orthodox) and the weather is great (like 27 degrees!). So, this was a good opportunity for me to take you along. Yesterday was Good Friday. On Good Friday we go to the church and kneel before the crucifixion.

So, let’s walk around Chania

My day started with a pomegranate and green tea juice and a walk around the old harbour (also know as the Venetian harbour).

You see my town has a long history and has architectural influence from the Egyptian, the Turks, The Venetians and the Greeks!

Walking around the Venetian harbour

Of course the most popular landmark is the Alexandrian Lighthouse.


and the harbour itself.

1 amaxa

There are also squares


and an old mosque.


This place was so packed that I couldn’t take a picture of the whole building (sorry folks, gonna have to settle with half of it).

Walking around the Old town

After our juice, we started walking around the old town and going to churches. I have not taken any pics of the inside of churches, but I do have pictures of the places I walked by.

Our first stop was in a small square where you find two well-known restaurants and the church of Agia Irini (or Dabia square).Pictures below are of the tavern called the Turkish Well.



Lots of taverns in my town are like this (just so you know).

You see really beautiful buildings,

1spitia the typical picturesque narrow streets,


and little naighbourhoods.



Today I woke up to the smell of traditional cheese pies (sometimes they are mixed with spinach or other green spices/stuff (Haha! Dunno the English word for this!). This is a typical dish for Easter.


and this is a typical sweet bread for Easter.


So, there you have it. I gave you a small glimpse of some of the places in my town and I also showed you two of our Easter “dishes”.

11111PicMonkey Collage

Happy Easter to those celebrating. If you are looking for a place to spend your summer, you should look into Chania (Crete) cause Greece is not just about the economy, Grexit and bad things shown on the news. There is a lot of beauty and very friendly folks!

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Talk soon!



Special thanks to my friend Antoni for some of the pics


5 thoughts on “Let’s walk around my town: Chania, Crete

  1. You’re so lucky to be able to grow up in such a beautiful place! I’ve always wanted to visit other countries in Europe but haven’t gotten the chance to yet 😦 Greece is one of my top five that I want to visit!


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