Floral (rose) scented perfumes I love

If you had to choose only one makeup/beauty item, what would that be? I thought about that question quite a bit when my Facebook friend April asked it. I replied, ” Lipstick”. But then thought, ” Is that true?” What do I never ever leave the house without? Even on the days I am not wearing any makeup, I wear perfume!!

So, today let’s talk about what I love.

rose pin

Gimme some Florals

I ❤ rose scented perfumes. I have bought loads of different ones throughout the years.

What I’ve tried and what I’ve loved

I loved Gucci Rush 2. OK. This one is not pure rose, but it does smell of rose a lot.

If you are a rose scent fan, you need to check out Chloe Roses and VIP rose.

Chloe rose smells  like a lot of roses. Very floral not overpowering. Lovely scent that is quite long-lasting.

VIP Rose this smells like rose but there is also a powdery smell to it. It is stronger than Chloe and on my skin, lasts longer.


Dolce & Gabanna The one (rose) is another favourite. I went through 2 bottles, but then moved on to Chloe.

I recently discovered the Escada Delicate Notes perfume. I really like it. It actually reminds me of the Bulgari one, but it is not as strong and does not last as long.


My all time favourite though is Bulgari Rose (it is discontinued, but you can still find it on Amazon). That was my perfume for many years. It smells of roses and talk. It doesn’t oxidase and it is a really nice scent for brides (my sister wore it on her wedding day).

If you are on a budget but still want to smell like a rose/flower-y, then go to the Body Shop and check out the perfumes. I have the Moroccan Rose, but I know the body shop is coming out with an English rose as well.

My favourites

I love them all, but my top ones are:

Bulgari Rose

Chloe Rose

So, there you have it lovelies.What’s your favourite?

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