Mini haul: What I got from M&S and Zara

Hey loves,

I think we have established by now that I love shopping and that’s OK especially since I am using my money and no credit cards. Every month when I get paid, I pay my bills, put a bit aside and then hit the stores. I will be spending my summer in the UK (11 whole weekaroos guys!), so I needed some spring stuff (which is summer stuff for the UK). In Greece, we don’t really have spring, we go winter and then bam in your face summer!! So, this shopping trip is spring/summer.

🌻 What did I get?


Cross body bag

OK. I love animal print, but subtle/chic. Not too loud. I picked up this pretty snake print. It is a neutral bag. I love the clip in the front.There are three sections and a small pocket for phone/money. It cost 25 euros but it looks much more expensive, don’t you think?



I bought this cardigan in cream cause it goes with everything. It is a soft material. Kind of long but does not go lower than the hip area. The sides roll up a bit and there are no buttons to button it up. I like that. It’s different. 70% viscose 30% nylon. Price: €16.


Every year I get these T-shirts from Zara. They only last for a season (got the same ones last year). They usually shrink and get chucked but they are light, they feel comfy and airy. The back of the T-shirts is longer than the front and I like the rolled up shoulders. They are everyday Ts. 100% cotton. Price: €8  each.

🌻M & S🌻

White top

White top with cut outs on the arms. It is a 3 quarter top that runs a bit on the ‘slimmer’ side.I am usually a size 14/16 but I bought a size 20 cause I wanted it  loose.  It looks really nice(close to hip area). I also like the small zipper detail in the back. t it with a 10% off coupon).


So this was what I got.

11111111111111111111PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Mini haul: What I got from M&S and Zara

  1. How about that shopping addiction of yours ??
    How is that coming along ??
    Are we learning yet ??
    And how about these double question marks of mine ??
    Boy … we all have our issues….

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