My favourite YouTubers

Hi everyone,

I love decompressing after work or during my leisure time  whilst watching YouTube videos. I will start off by telling you what I like watching though. I like hauls, anything related to makeup (first impressions, hauls are my favourites). Not really that interested in turtorials. I also like watching anything clothes/ handbag related as well. Cause I am in Greece, I enjoy watching YouTubers from other countries especially when they go out for food (us Greeks and our food!). Finally, I also tend to watch women who have/ had a career. I don’t like YouTubers who don’t breathe when they talk (just babble 24/7)! So, now, about one paragraph later, let’s check out some of my favourite channels.

Elle Florence

I recently discovered Elle. She is a lawyer who lives in Canada. She does about beauty, bags (<3 <3)  and books (love and love), she also does vlogs. she is very eloquent and I enjoy watching her videos.

Ms Goldgirl

I have been watching Marnie’s videos for probably more than two years now. She used to be a teacher (extra points there). She lives in the US and does lots of beauty reviews, hauls, and special one minute videos where she informs her viewers about sales and important things that she finds out about and wans us, the viewers, to know about.. She is not afraid to say what she thinks and I trust her opinion. She also answers comments which is great!

Kristina (Aka pretty sparkly shiny)

Kristina is a doctor. I enjoy seeing what it’s like for a busy gal who has such a demanding job to be a YouTuber as well. She does vlogs and beauty hauls, product reviews. She is also quite techy and talks about gadgets and stuff ( I am clueless) and LV is a word that often comes up on her channel.


She does lots of reviews and Hot Or Not videos, lots of hauls and is very makeup oriented. I like that. It’s like watching the news for makeup. One of my favourite types of videos is where she buys really expensive products (e.g. LV lipstick), tries them out and then says if they are worth the splurge or not.

Busbee style

I heard about Erin from Marnie. She is a stylist and a mom. She does lots of video about what to wear, the trends etc. She has also done a video where she styled her friend and I thought that was a great idea.

Mimi Ikonn

Mimi lives in London but has family in Canada (she used to live there). She does a lot of travelling and is more on the alternative side. Her vlogs and videos clear and crispy. Very instagrammable. She is lovely to watch.

So, there you have it. If you are not subscribed to these channels, yu should definitely check them out and subscribe. Don’t forget to ‘follow’ me somewhere, somehow (scroll up to the sidebar on ways to connect). I have been doing #BEDA, so press that category if you want to check out some more April blog posts.


Do you have any suggestions, any channels I should check out? Let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring folks.




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