Double Wear Makeup vs. Makeup on the Go (Compact)

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I am a big fan of the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation/makeup line. I already had the Double Wear stay in place makeup (in the bottle) and I now bought the Compact Double Wear Makeup to Go which is a more light version of the product. I thought I’d test them out and see the difference between the two products. So, here goes.


Me with no makeup

I have dry/sensitive skin. I have lots of red spots but no acne or things like that. I am 40 years old.

1No makeup

Double Wear Makeup to Go

In this picture you can see the Double Wear light Compact. I have it in the shade 2C3 Fresco. It is quite watery and feels light on the skin. I have been wearing it for  five minutes now and I do feel like something watery/oily is on my skin. It doesn’t feel bad.  The makeup is on the right half of my face. I used 4 little pumps of product. I say that the coverage is fine. It looks as if I am not wearing anything and it does cover the redness/ spots. Take for example the little red scar on my top lip. The ‘light’ version did cover it up quite well.


Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup

Now on the left hand side I have applied the Double Wear foundation. I am using the shade 1N2. The coverage is full. It takes much more time to blend. I think the foundation sits better on my skin. I have been taking pictures and walking around the house with my makeup on for about 45 minutes now and I still feel the ‘light’ version.

1 double.jpg

In both cases I used a foundation brush and then a stippling brush. Looking at the picture I can see that the foundation (on the left) looks a bit lighter than the compact.  I can tell you that when I wear it, it makes my skin look flawless/porcelain like. I may also need to change colour/ shade though (but looking at the bottom pictures I am not sure. In real life it looks fine. I will look into this!).

Full Face

Now I then moved on to my other steps. I applied some concealer (Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush on Gow). My Chanel Les Beiges (health glow sheer powder). L’oreal Le Blush no. 165. Some highlighter from Makeup Academy. My lip stick is Plum Pop (Clinique) and my mascara is Lancome Grandiose (Violet).

Packaging of products

Compact vs. bottle

One thing I hate about my Double Wear foundation is the packaging. It is heavy and in a bottle. I spilt it once and almost lost all the product. You also have to pour it onto something or your brush when using and that can be messy

The compact is light and easy to carry around.It has a small mirror and comes with a sponge. It has a little button/ pump thing which you press and the product pops out. That can get a bit messy. It does look secure though. I haven’t walked around the city with it in my bag, so have no idea if there is a possibility of an accident.

My verdict

I like both. I will use the compact for more everyday makeup and the bottle foundation for more heavy-duty going out occasions. I do have to point out that I know that the double wear foundation (bottle) lasts all day long. It does not budge. Promise!

I want to finish off by saying that I am not a makeup artist. I am a teacher who loves makeup. There may be techniques or mistakes in the way I apply my products, but this is how I do it. The purpose of the post is to test the coverage and see the differences and I hope you have a ‘picture’ of that now.


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