Double Wear Makeup on the Go: product review

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Let’s talk about makeup/ foundation again. My last post was a test and show of the coverage of Double Wear Stay in Place foundation and the Makeup on the Go compact. Today’s post focuses solely on the Makeup to Go compact because I have worn it quite a bit and can now tell you what I think.


Let’s start with what the Estee Lauder website says about the product. So according to Estee Lauder,

Dewy. Luminous. Hydrating. Liquid makeup in an innovative, spill-proof compact. Gives you 8-hour wear at the push of a button.


Press the button for your custom look—once for a light touch, twice for more coverage.

My thoughts

So, let’s start with the first few adjectives in the first lines on the Estee Lauder website.

Dewy: Yes.

Luminous: Hmm. Yes and no. I’d say a bit too luminous for my liking (borderline greasy but nothing a powder on top cannot fix).

Hydrating: Yes.

Innovative, spill proof compact: Yes, for innovative packaging. Yes, for spill proof as in spilling in your bag.But it gets messy (I will talk about this a bit more later).

8 hour coverage: No.

Let’s analyse

Let me start by stating that I love, love, love my Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup and other products from the Double Wear line.  As for this Makeup to Go compact,the coverage, for me, is too light. I have red spots (discolouration) and it does cover it a bit, but after a few hours the redness shows. It is not long-lasting. Then again, you can touch up as often as you want cause you carry it around with you.


I have applied the makeup on the go on the right hand side of my face (4 pumps)

It feels hydrating but too shiny for me. I used powder on top to matify it. It is very dewy and if that’s what you are looking for then you will like this product.

The packaging and the idea of the product is great. It is a compact and you press a button for the liquid to come out. I would disagree with Estee lauder regarding how many pumps of product you need. My face needed about 4 pumps and the coverage was still natural looking (aka I am wearing makeup, but not that much). When you press the button for the product to pop out, it may run a bit and can be quite messy. I actually turn it upside down so the product drops directly on my brush. The sponge applicator is a generic one. Good to use when on the run, but not to apply when at home. It has a good size mirror. It is very light to carry around. It would probably not be suitable for a small clutch bag though (suitable for bigger bags). It’s dimensions are: height: almost 2,5 cm and diameter almost 7.5 cm.

1 open.jpg

Would you repurchase?


Bin or finishing up the product?

I will use it up for sure. It is not a bad product, but I prefer medium to full coverage.

So, there you have it. My thoughts on the Makeup on the Go compact.  You can read my test and show post here ( I compare the two Double Wear foundations).

111122222 PIN.jpg

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13 thoughts on “Double Wear Makeup on the Go: product review

  1. I’m not terribly adventurous when it comes to makeup (I’ve been using the same products for years), but every time I read a blog post like this, I want to try something new!


    • Oh!! I love makeup!!! I love trying new things as well. I think you should experiment cause every day something new comes out and makeup is getting better and better (in terms of quality) xx


  2. I have heard great things about this product. I have never tried it though as they always claim it has really high coverage and I like more of a light to medium base. Thanks for covering all the points though!


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