My favourite Beauty/Fashion YouTube Channels (part 2)


Morning everyone (or afternoon, evening depending on where you are)!

While I am a blogger with no intention on moving to YouTube (she says), I do watch a lot of YouTubers in my free time and today I am going to share with you a few of my new discoveries.  This doesn’t mean they are new channels, it’s just that I started watching them now. So, what do I look for when I watch a Beauty/ fashion channel?

I like watching makeup reviews, hauls and 1st impressions. I also like fashion and shopping. I want detailed descriptions, humour and some ‘passion’ cause if the YouTuber talks like a robot, I get bored!

So, enough with the intro. Let’s move to the YouTubers I have discovered recently. Let’s share the YouTube love.

Jessica Braun

I have been watching Jessica’s videos for a few weeks now and I really like the way she reviews products. She is very eloquent and analytic in the way she describes products. She tries drugstore and high end products. Extra points: She’s a teacher!! (Gotta support fellow teachers).

Arabella Golby

Beautiful vlogging style. Love the English accent and her girlie/ chic style. Do check out this video. She is lovely.

Fancy That with Candice

Another beauty YouTuber who is a teacher (yes, there is a pattern). She uploads lots of reviews and is also very detailed in her description of products.

The Sheer Luxe Channel

This channel is a channel that shows clothes, makeup, fashion trends etc. I love their hauls. Haven’t been a subscriber for long, but I am really enjoying their videos and I do get loads of shopping ideas which ain’t good when I am in spendy mood (or is it?).

Beauty Broadcast with Emily Noel 83

Great reviews. I am really enjoying the holiday beauty product hauls/ reviews. Again, very informative.

So, that’s all for now. If you want to check out my older post with other YouTube channel suggestions, press here.

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Feel free to make suggestions of channels I should check out in the comments section below!! Sharing is caring!

That’s all for now. Happy Sunday everyone!!




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