Moocatpaper: Etsy store owner interview

Today’s Etsy store feature is Moocatpaper who specvialises in Washi tape. So, let’s see what Laura, the owner told me 🙂 and have a look at some of her winter favourites ❤

Hi Laura! Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Can you tell me a few things about yourself?

My name is Laura Brown and I’m 33 from the UK. I am a stationery addict and have been for as long as I can remember. I love a good to do list and can often be seen scribbling notes in my Uncoiled Erin Condren. I have two children who aren’t allowed to touch the pretty things in my office so they are slightly obsessed with buying their own now.

You sell Washi tape. How and why did you start selling washi tape?
When I got my planner I found a distinct lack of washi tape products available in the UK for people buying in the UK and that when I had ordered things myself I wasn’t impressed with the delivery times.
I decided to source my own which are shipped the same or next day delivery 6 days a week. That combination of customer service, great products and smooth delivery is what keeps people coming back to Moocat Paper.
Is there anything else someone can find at your Etsy store? Do you have any favourite types of stickers?
In the Etsy store you can find Page Flags, Pens and Notebooks as well as branded and Moocat Washi Tape. I love using stickers in my planner from UK based suppliers such as Elliebeth Designs, AgentPuku, Stickleco and ellenbee
If you could turn back time to the day you opened your store, what advice would you give yourself? Any top tips?
Don’t rush. I did and within the space of two weeks I was already changing the name of the company and the branding. Make sure you read everything Etsy has to offer to help manage your business.

Can you share with us your favourite washi for fall/ winter and the holiday season? (pls add some pics here)
washi one.jpg

Washi 2

washi 3

How do you plan? How do you use washi in your own planning?

I plan in advance but have learnt to use pencil now as I hate crossing things out. I use Washi tape to brighten up the week and use thin washi to divide the week from the weekend.
Where can people find you? How can we connect with you?
Instagram: Moocatpaper
Twitter: Moocatpaper

So!! That’s all folks! Thanks again to Laura for her interview and for sharing her favourites. Pop over to her store and check out her stuff. You can also see this week’s planner spread by clicking here.

Remember to follow my blog (check out the side bar on how to do that) and look at the planning category for free printables, coupon codes and other planner-related posts. That’s all for now.

Talk soon xx


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