5 Step Guide on How to make a Media Kit

There comes a time when you get asked to send a media kit and that’s when you start asking questions like, “Why me? Why now?” or “Why don’t I have one ready?” You see while I have been an educational blogger for about 3 years now, I only recently started ‘lifestyle/beauty blogging’ wand my blog is small. I mean tiny. So, imagine my surprise when a company asked me to send them my media kit. I was like, “What? Why?” Then I started doubting myself and telling myself, “What’s the use? I will only get rejected”. If you have that mind set fellow blogger, snap out of it. Now! Anyhow, I sat down and made one and I got taken on by the company, so I must’ve done something right. So today, I am going to share with you my media kit.

5 Step Guide to making your media Kit

Some Background info first

I am a teacher and that affects my blogging. I teach Business English and I have learnt a few things about marketing and doing business cause I teach my students! I also create lessons that focus on marketing/business. I am a planner and I also like to outline stuff. So, I approached my media kit like a Business English Teacher/Blogger/Planner/Capricorn! So, let’s have a look at my media kit, the thought process behind it and my suggestions

Step 1- Getting the Right Mind Set

Get it in your head. Don’t panic. A media kit is a good thing. Try to connect with other bloggers and talk a bit about media kits. Exchange views. Suggestions. For me, that person was Tania and my blogger girlies. You can also read up on media kits and look at examples. I read 2-3 blog posts and looked at a couple of Google Images. But, don’t overwhelm yourself. Too much info is not always a good thing especially when you are pressed for time.

Step 2- Let’s Think

OK! Make yourself a cup of coffee and sit in front of your computer and look at your blog. Ask yourself some questions. E.g. “What defines you as a blogger? What do you write about? What are your strengths? What does your blog say about you? How will you convey that in your media kit?”

I knew that I wanted to make something fun but chic. I wanted polka dots. I love writing about lifestyle, beauty, but I also want to have some sort of impact and of course I had to have the colour pink (my blog is called My Pink Rambles!).

Media kit Page 1

Let’s Plan

Step 3- Outline

Figure out what you will include in your media kit.

I decided on:

A blog banner

A picture of me



Social media Info

Info about blog stats/ readers

Samples of my work (variety of my work and pieces of writing I thought showed who I was as a blogger).

Samples of my pictures

Step 4- 1st Draft

I used Word to design my media kit. I used Word for various reasons, but the most important one is that I know how to use Word!! You see, I am a tech dummy and I am not that used to using different software, so I thought, go with what you know well. I increased my Word margins (the little rulers on the sides of word) so I could use my page to the maximum. I inserted tables and shapes. I used squares, ovals and circles and played with the borders of whatever I inserted. I found social media icons that were royalty free and chose the ones that I liked. The font I chose was Lucinda handwriting and Lucinda Sans. I also added page numbers. Because I have difficulty seeing, I didn’t want tiny fonts. I wanted everything to be as visible as possible! Word allows you to insert links and when you turn your file into a Pdf, the links are still there.

I also used Picmonkey for my picture collage.

My media Kit is 3 pages long ( most people online say it should be 2 pages long, but I wanted to include my pictures and not in a tiny size).

1st page is my info/blog info.

2nd page is samples of my work

3rd page is pictures

Media Kit page 3

Step 5: Your Media Kit/ Final Draft

Check that everything looks fine. Proofread and save your final draft. Then turn everything into a Pdf file, send it and good luck!!

Avoiding my fails

I forgot to mention my blog followers and Bloglovin followers! You should include them!!

So there you have it! How I made my media kit. I hope you found this information useful.

You can download the steps  and all the questions I asked myself + tips here.

STEP GUIDE on how to make a media kit

Do keep in mind that I am a new blogger and this is my 1st media kit. I decided to share this post because it may be helpful for other people who are in my shoes.

So, that’s all for now. I hope you liked this post.

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Talk soon




Around the Web Wednesday

Hi!! I am starting a new ‘series’ (maybe?) called around the #webwednesday . Every other Wednesday I will share with you things I saw/found online and that I think deserve your time. If you like this post, make sure you follow me (see sidebar on how to connect), so you do not miss out on my fabulous suggestions. These picks have to do with things I like aka beauty, planning, clothes, food, travelling and writing/blogging. So let’s jump in, shall we?

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

YouTube Videos

 Focused YouTube videos

If I am going to spend time watching videos, I really want to watch videos that are focused. That’s why I really enjoyed the following videos. So what have I chosen for you? Smokey eyes tutorial for people who wear glasses, clothes for the hourglass shaped woman and contouring for the round face.

Smokey eyes for people wearing glasses. Jordan’s channel is Jordan Liberty.

Next video. Erin (who is one of my favourite YouTubers, is a stylist and she has started a series where she dresses her friends, family and makes videos based on the body shape. This one is for the hourglass shaped women. Her channel is BusbeeStyle.

Finally, contouring for the round face. This is from   Amy Macedo’s channel.

 My post in the Huff Post.

I have already shared this here but incase you missed it. This is my Huff Post article and it is about something that happened to me. The one where I got ‘makeup shamed’.


An oreo cheesecake. C’mon. I mean. Yum and Yum.

Looking for jewelry?

I got a pair of earrings when I was in Athens and then checked to see if they do online shopping options. They do and they also ship internationally, so yay. You need to check out Anna’s store.

Anna Mazaraki.jpg

Useful sites for bloggers

Hashtags you should be using if you are a blogger or a business owner. This  was a great post with loads of hashtags. I actually printed it out, so I can refer to it when I blog (See! Extra tip!).

Pinterest Boards for bloggers and business owners.. Suggestions for 7 pinterest boards you should try to join.

So, there you have it. My first post about what I saw around the web and shared on Wednesday. Give it a ‘thumbs up’ if you liked it. Have you found something interesting you would like to share?

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Talk soon




My Huff Post Story: getting Published & Plagiarised

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I’d share with you my own Huffington Post story. I will talk to you about how I got published, I will share my posts with you, and what happened after I got published. In the end, I will give you my words of wisdom (aka what I really think).

The beginning

So, I started blogging here about 8 months ago and I joined a few Facebook groups to get a few ideas and figure out how I could become better at more general/ lifestyle-ish blogging. From time to time I would see people in these groups talk about being published on the Huff Post and how great that was. I knew the Huffington Post, I read it from time to time, and thought to myself, ” Hey! I will give this a shot” and I did.

1st attempt

I filled in a bloggers form. This is a page that you can fill in and upload your post. My post was something very dear to me. I thought it was a good post and actually believed if I ever had an opportunity at being shared, it would be with this post. I clicked the submit button.

No response.

I then read that many people were emailing Arianna Huffington herself, so I did.

No response.

A few months went by and I wrote another post. I thought I’d give it one more shot and that’s when I heard back from Arianna.

What happens once you get the OK?

You get an email saying that your post has been accepted and you will be receiving a new email with passwords to set up your blogger profile/page.That happened and then I made my profile. The hardest part for me was choosing a decent picture. Yeap. I know. Vain but, well, don’t wanna look like crap in my Huff Post Profile! I actually asked my friends which one they preferred the most. Most of them agreed on this one pic. I disagreed, and chose a completely different one!!


Well, once you submit your post it gets published in one or two days.


I learnt this the hard way, so I am going to tell you a few secrets.

  1. Always choose a picture from the royalty free image section the Huff Post blogger page gives you cause otherwise you end up sharing your post with no picture appearing except for some boxes.
  2. Add links to your page cause that way people can come to your website. I actually added the phrase

If you want to read more of my adventures, make sure you check out my blog at http://www.mypinkrambles.com

at the end of my blog post and it got published without any editing.

     3. Make sure you proofread your article and don’t rush to press submit.

Huff post story pin.jpg

Is it worth the fuss?

Well, this depends on why you are sharing your post on the Huffington Post website. It looks good on your media kit. I was happy to see my name on a bigger platform. I enjoyed seeing the ‘likes’ and the comments on Facebook or my other social media.I did get approached by a few websites to write a few blog posts for them though (unpaid) and actually did write one.

BUT my page views did not go up. I only got 20-30 extra page views whenever one of my posts was shared. I did not get blog subscribers from this experience.

And anything else?

Oh yeah! Now the good part. I got plagiarised! 4 times. My blog post, the one I wrote about opening and closing a business in Greece, got copy pasted on websites and two personal blogs. Everything!! Like…. every single word. The irony is that the plagiarists were Americans talking about going to university in Greece and opening a language school in Greece. I mean…. c’mon!!! One of my plagiarists was actually in publishing!!! What did I do? Well, I sent messages and tweets to the websites and asked them to take my post down or at least mention me as the writer. I also contacted the Huffington Post.Nothing has happened though. I will now take harsher measures against these websites. Do keep in mind that some websites can repost a Huff Post article, but this was not the case! 

Will I write again?

Sure! It’s just me sharing something I have already shared here, so why not? It’s not like I have a super-duper popular blog and am missing out on traffic. It’s not like my Huff Post blog posts are reducing my DA numbers.

So, there you have. Now my words of wisdom.


I say go for it. Try it at least once. So, you don’t get paid. Big woop. Did you start blogging cause you wanted to become a rich blogger?

My posts

You can click here to check out the 5 posts I have published.

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Talk soon!




Confessions of a blogger: finding time and struggling…. a lot

A few moments later……..

This post is probably the most random post I have written so far. I started off wanting to write about one thing and then I started feeling sorry for myself which lead to a completely irrelevant ending. So, here is today’s post.

I work a lot. Like all day long. Literally. I teach Business English online in the morning and I teach kids English in the afternoon. I also blog. I have two blogs. One is an educational blog and the other one is this one which is, let’s call it lifestyle-ish/ beauty-ish or a Me, Me,Me blog.

My edublog has been there for about 3 years and this one is almost 8 months old. Trying to juggle life, work and blogging is hard. Today, I want to talk a bit about blogging and how I find time for it.

How do you find time for blogging?

I don’t.

I make time for blogging.

That’s the answer. I do not have time to blog. I mean I should be working out or cleaning the house or something but I don’t instead I make time to blog. For me, at the moment, blogging is my creative outlet. I do it for fun. Even if I write about what I bought, it’s fun. It’s like hanging out with the gals and showing stuff.

Yes, I work all day, but I do have free time and when I have free time instead of say watch TV, I blog.

What do you mean by ” make time”?

Well, in the mornings I am a freelance online Business English teacher (yes, that does sound fancy). What that means though is that I am home in front of my pc from 9-3 teaching. I do not have a set timetable though, and I may have gaps between lessons. That’s when I write.

I also blog late at night instead of reading a book (I feel a bit guilty about that one).

I do not always have time to finish a blog post. I have lots of posts that are in draft form which I continue writing whenever I have ten or fifteen minutes, here and there. That helps me have content.

The hardest thing

I don’t know about you guys, but the hardest thing about blogging for me isn’t making time to blog, but making time to share my posts. Dedicating time for all the social media. Yes, I have Buffer and I schedule posts. I use Pinterest and have a Facebook page for my blog, but sharing takes more time and it sometimes feels like it is not worth it. I often see that my page views are from an ‘unknown source’. Whatever that means! I am still baffled as far as Instagram is concerned. I am amazed by how up and downsy my twitter following is.

I am “spoilt”

In terms of my edublog. I do not have these problems. Finding time, sharing and trying to help the blog grow. I do nothing and people read my posts. It just sits there and gets page views. I think it’s because I have had it for a longer time and because I share material which teachers can download and use in class.

This random blog (yeah, I am talking about this one. The one you are reading now. If you are actually bravce enough and have reached this part!) does not have content that will make the reader come back. Actually scratch that, there are some planner printables which make readers (new readers) visit my page but that’s it. They do not follow or subscribe. They get what they need and go.

Other thoughts

I had to give this section a title cause it doesn’t make sense and has nothing to do with finding/making time to blog. I often get discouraged. You see, while I do tell myself that I blog because it’s fun and I like writing (I actually think I am quite good at it. Yeap. Me getting a big head). I am not happy with my page views. That for me is a reality check. I am lying to myself when I say I write because it’s fun opr maybe I should say, I half lie. I do have fun, but I also want people to read what I write and enjoy it as well. Find it interesting and on some days my page views are like close to 0.

That is discouraging which makes me realise that I am not just writing for fun. I am writing because I want something to come out of all this writing. I do not know what though.

Isn’t that funny? Why write when you have no clear goals? Or do I have goals that I am scared to word?

Finding time and blogging.jpg

Dunno fellow blogger. This blog post feels like a whole lot of nothing, but anyways, I am sharing some thoughts with you guys and waiting for words of wisdom from you guys. How do you keep going. Why do you keep going? Why do you make time?

That’s all for today.

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Thanks for sticking around. If you actually stuck around.

The Beauty Blogger Tag

Stevie from Stevie’s Beauty Lounge tagged me in the Beauty Blogger Tag. She posted 10 questions which I am answering in this post. I have tagged a few people and my 10 questions are at the end of this post. If you like my questions, consider yourself tagged 🙂 Let me know if you write something.

111111PicMonkey Collage

1. What beauty tip would you give to your 15-year-old self ?

Oh! This one takes me back in time. Hmmm. I’d say… pluck your freakin eyebrows but not too much (90s kid).

2.High end or drugstore?

I mainly use high end. I can afford them now cause I am old… :p

3. Which do you prefer – eyeshadow or lipstick?

Lipstick hands down. I don’t go anywhere without some lipstick on.

4. How long does it take for you to get ready for a night out ?

Hair, makeup, clothes are all done in about an hour.

5. What is your number 1 staple in your makeup bag?

My foundation. Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place is my favourite makeup.

6. What made you start a blog?

I have been an educational blogger for about 3 years now and I really enjoy it. I also loved makeup, beauty and other girlie stuff. I needed a platform cause I was not going to bombard my teacher friends with all my makeup talk. That’s why I started this blog. I am having loads of fun. Keeping two blogs though is hard!

7. Which bloggers inspire you?

I like bloggers who are honest and show you their personality. I like funny bloggers. the ones you feel like you are chatting with over cocktails. I don’t like bloggers who over rely on pictures and don’t have much to say. I also really hate people who copy stuff and don’t cite correctly (I have been plagiarised and it is awful!).

8. Nude lip, Bright lip or Bold lip?

I am a lipstick girl. I cannot choose!!! Bright lip!

9. How old were you when you started blogging and how old are you now?

I started blogging at 37 and I am 27 now (hehehe). What? I teach English not maths….

10. Would you say you collect makeup?

Yeap. I collect and display my makeup. I do use it though and I don’t really horde makeup.

Now my questions 10 questions

  1. Use 3 words to describe your blogging style.
  2.  If you could meet any person in the fashion/ makeup industry (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
  3. How has your blogging changed compared to when you first started?
  4. What 1 tip would you give to a new blogger?
  5. As far as my blogging is concerned, I want to become better at…… (fill in the sentence).
  6. Where do you get ideas/ inspiration from regarding your blog posts?
  7. Name one makeup/ beauty product you have been eyeing, but have not bought yet.
  8. Do you have a holy grail product? What is it?
  9. What was the most recent beauty product you bought? Can you give us a mini review?
  10. London/ Paris or New York fashion week? Why?

I am tagging

Rae from Raecoppola.com

Eleanor from Eleanor wears

Lisa from Lisa GXoX

Lauren from My Lavender Tinted World

And all of you loves who are intrigued by my questions and want to answer them. Com’on! Do it! You know you wanna.

OK lovelies! That’s all for now.Oh! Don’t forget to follow me somewhere, somehow (check the sidebar on ways to ‘follow’ me).

Thanks for stopping by xxx



The One where I got Plagiarised

I was so happy yesterday because 2 of my posts got shared on the Huffington Post. A much bigger platform than my blog featured my writing. Nothing changed for my blog. I mean, I didn’t get a ton of page views or followers, but I got to tell my story. I shared my thoughts and I was so happy and then everything changed!

My post was plagiarised by 4people who copied my article. 4 websites have copy pasted my post onto their platforms and my name is nowhere. I mean, I am OK with people sharing my stuff. Reblogging and mentioning me doesn’t bother me. I wanted it though to have been attributed to me. I was the writer, not X.

I am a teacher and I teach academic English.Helping students to avoid plagiarism is one of the things I do. One of the reasons people plagiarise is because they don’t know how to rephrase and I get that. Another reason is because they do not realise they are plagiarising. In some cultures, according to research copying the source shows respect (yup).But copy pasting every single word and not saying anything?

Fellow bloggers, who know hard it is to come up with ideas, to write properly, to find time to write, end up copying every single word I wrote and passing it off as their own? That sucks!

What did I do?

I have left comments on the websites that plagiarised my articles, but they are awaiting moderation. My colleagues (teachers) have also showed their support and left comments (which are also awaiting moderation). I have also emailed the Huff Post to see what can be done. My next move will be going to WordPress.

These people stole my happy feelings from being published and they also stole my words, my thoughts.

These were  my original posts. My name is clearly mentioned at the top of the articles. The Huff Post is great with the attributions.Other people aren’t:

7 questions you need to ask before pulling the plug on your business

My ‘problem’ with the word disability


I have been posting every day in April and using the Hashtag #beda. Please do subscribe to my blog if you like what you read. Check out the sidebar for more of my posts. Maybe give my Facebook page a ‘like’ so you can get notifications of when I post? Connect with me on Pinterest / Twitter/ Instagram (cause as you can see, my pics are fantastic! So fantastic, they get plagiarised 😦 ).

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I’m just not into it (=blogging)

I ❤ blogging. It’s my creative outlet, but for the past couple of weeks, I feel a bit tired , bored, lazy and just not into it.Me, the prolific blogger. The one with not one but 2 blogs. At the moment,

I am not building content.

I am not looking at my page views or stats.

I am not writing or scheduling anything.

It doesn’t bother me. I am not worried.

full pic white flowers

Last week was a great week for me. I got two blog posts in the Huffington post and was asked to do some special posts, but this week I feel empty. No need to write. Do you think that a high can lead to a low? Was the adrenaline rush the thing that burnt me out and why this week I have nothing to say?

 I think that’s OK though, cause as I said earlier, blogging is my creative outlet and I am not feeling it, so I am not going to force it. If my numbers go down, they will go up again.

I am not a professional blogger. I have a full time job as a teacher and I will be travelling to Athens tomorrow, so there are a lot of things going on, but no blog posts in my head.

Anyways that’s my ramble. I said what I wanted to say. I’m done. Off to pack. How do you guys deal with burnout or just not feeling it? I am really interested in your thoughts.

Take care everyone xx


1.113 amazing people: who are you?

According to my blog, there are 1.113 amazing people following it. 1.113? Wow! Now I am going to make a fool of myself (if no one answers of course) and ask, ” Who are you amazing person?”

I did this a while back for blog number 1 ( my edu blog) and it was a great way to interact with my readers. So, if you stumbled upon this blog post and in the mood for a chit-chat, tell me who you are, what you like, your story ❤ ❤ . Humor me and leave a little comment. Say hello.

This is me:

Joanna, a 40-year-old teacher who lives in Greece (during the winter) and the UK (during the summer). I am colour blind and that does define a lot of my choices. So does the fact that I am a workaholic. I love writing, makeup and pretty things. I like polka dots.

who are you

My mottos

If something doesn’t work, let it go.

If someone doesn’t ‘work’, next!

It’s OK to say, ” I don’t know”.

So, that’s it! I am VERY curious to see if anyone will leave a comment (please do 😀 😀 ❤ ❤ ). I am only going to promote on Twitter, WP, and this blog’s Facebook page (that’s where the 1.113 comes from I guess).I may ‘pin’ it as well.  Oh! If you just came across my blog, then check out my sidebar (I’m a cool chick haha) and follow it. Maybe 1.106 will become more (if it becomes less, I will probably have a meltdown 😦 ). So, let’s see….. Over to you……


Niche or no niche? A blogger in distress

When someone starts blogging one of the first decisions they are called to make has to do with whether their blog is going to have a niche, a specialisation. In an age where being a specialist in something is almost an essential, will a more general blog be successful? I’m here today with a post more about my thoughts regarding what is proper, what is kinda expected when blogging. Most people say that you should have a niche, you should be known for something. That is why readers will come to your blog.

How limiting is that though? I mean, have you heard the expression”one trick pony?” That’s what a niche means to me. If my blog is my creative outlet, why should I confine it? Why should I write about one thing? But if my blog is all over the place, will anyone want to read it?

I don’t like the word niche. I like experiencing stuff. I like exploring. Niche means giving me a label. I have lots of interests. Many things make me happy and I want to share. I like makeup, beauty, travelling, books, wondering about my crap! I am not a niche blogger nor will I be a brand (that’s for sure).

Funnily enough, I do need to say that I have a niche blog, don’t get me wrong. My first blog is my niche blog. I am an educational blogger.I have been for the past 3 years. I write about teaching. Lots of my posts have to do with teaching English for specific purposes like business or academic English, but, after having a niche blog. I realised I don’t want to just be a niche blogger. Blogging, in my mind, is a way for me to express myself. If I just blog about teaching, I do not express myself. I share one itsy bitsy aspect of myself.

You may ask, ” Eh! Who cares about you though? Like , who are you woman anyway?”

Another thing that makes me wonder though is if I am going about this blogging thing the wrong way. How do people get 100.000 page views in a day. What do they write about? How do readers come across their posts? Are they niche bloggers?

Don’t they get bored? I did. I love teaching, I enjoyed sharing my teaching experiences, but it wasn’t enough for me. I have more to say. Dunno how many people are really interested in what I have to say, but I do have more.

Does me not wanting to have a niche make me an amateur? A joke? I guess it all comes down to why I blog. Can my niche be wanting to write? That sure sounds like a funny niche.

I was told once that I have a lovely pen. I don’t want my pen to be just blue. I want my pen to be like those gadget-y ones. The one you pull down this little trigger and the ink changes. It becomes red, blue, green, black…..

Niche pin.jpg

Where is this all coming from? Just the fact that at 40, I still dunno what I want. What I like. What to focus on. This is reflected here on my platform.

I struggle. What do you think? For me, no niche.





How I plan my blog posts: decorative planning

#Feb ❤

So as I said in my previous post, I will be writing blog posts about things I ❤ and I will be using the hash tag #Feb ❤ while doing this. I will be writing posts till February 14th and you are welcome to do the same (just use the hash tag #feb ❤ if you decide to do so). Today I will be talking about two things I love: decorative planning and blogging. So, let’s ‘girly’ plan.

Feb hearts post 2

What’s decorative planning?

Using any decorative element in your planner. It can be from using different colour pens to stickers and washi tap.

Why do I like decorative planning?

❤ it is creative

❤ it looks pretty

❤ it’s a leisure activity for me

❤ it makes planning less stressful because my plans look prettier & the whole process is something I enjoy.


Does it take time?

About an hour or two every week.


Decorative planning and my blog posts

At the end of every month I kinda plan my blog posts and I look at my previous month.

What do I do exactly?

I have inserts from the storyteller 2016 and I write down several things. What exactly?

Well, I have two lined pages where I write down my stats. I look at my page views, most popular posts, words that get ‘searched’ and send people to my blog, and items that get clicked in the actual blog posts. I write down if I have monetised and wins of the month like if anyone has emailed me to collab or send me products to review/use.


I write down what traffic comes from where. That way I know which type of social media brings me the most views. I, for example, write lots of DIY and planner-related posts. Pinterest and Facebook groups (related to planning) bring me a lot of traffic.

I also write down social media sharing formats that are lacking. Twitter, for example, brings me the least traffic. This helps me focus on trying to get more views from twitter. I started, for example, taking part in more twitter chats and that has been very helpful.

I also write down a few goals for the next month. I do not make a fuss about this though because I do not want to stress myself with numbers and goals. I am more of a slow and steady type of blogger (that’s probably why I have 3 readers :P. I do ❤ you though xx).

I then use my weekly inserts and write down blog post ideas. I write down a few ideas or key words. This helps me brainstorm. Of course I do not always stick to the days or the order I have written down my blogging ideas, but it does help me get ideas, and it forces me to sit down and think. The fact that I am using inserts also allows me to move things around, take pages with me etc. The fact that I have previously looked at my stats and popular posts also gives me a sense of direction.

My blog post planning is all on paper and it is the initial blog planning stage. I do not take pictures or write actual blog posts. Nope. I just sit down with a cup of coffee some music in the background and chill whilst planning. Cutting stickers, using washi tape relaxes me.

What am I using?

My pretty planner is a *light pink colour crush planner which I got from Amazon. They have sold out but you can get an A5 size colour crush here. (It is a bit bigger).

CC pic

All my inserts and the stickers you see in all the pictures are from the Story Planner 2016 February Kit – Storyteller Add-on.You can get my inserts and stickers here.


My pens are from a brand called *Mersuii and there are 10 pieces of multi colors gel ink pens. They are great to write with. You can get them here.


So, there you have it today’s #Feb ❤ two for one. Planning and blogging.

Feb hearts post 2

How do you plan your blog posts? Have you tried to be a bit more creative, decorative? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.Do subscribe to my blog if you like what I have to say (it does help me out and thanks if you do). Connect with me on Pinterest / Twitter/ Instagram. Don’t forget to ‘pin’ this post :). Sharing is caring. Check out my previous #Feb ❤ here.

Thanks for reading.