The One where I got Plagiarised

I was so happy yesterday because 2 of my posts got shared on the Huffington Post. A much bigger platform than my blog featured my writing. Nothing changed for my blog. I mean, I didn’t get a ton of page views or followers, but I got to tell my story. I shared my thoughts and I was so happy and then everything changed!

My post was plagiarised by 4people who copied my article. 4 websites have copy pasted my post onto their platforms and my name is nowhere. I mean, I am OK with people sharing my stuff. Reblogging and mentioning me doesn’t bother me. I wanted it though to have been attributed to me. I was the writer, not X.

I am a teacher and I teach academic English.Helping students to avoid plagiarism is one of the things I do. One of the reasons people plagiarise is because they don’t know how to rephrase and I get that. Another reason is because they do not realise they are plagiarising. In some cultures, according to research copying the source shows respect (yup).But copy pasting every single word and not saying anything?

Fellow bloggers, who know hard it is to come up with ideas, to write properly, to find time to write, end up copying every single word I wrote and passing it off as their own? That sucks!

What did I do?

I have left comments on the websites that plagiarised my articles, but they are awaiting moderation. My colleagues (teachers) have also showed their support and left comments (which are also awaiting moderation). I have also emailed the Huff Post to see what can be done. My next move will be going to WordPress.

These people stole my happy feelings from being published and they also stole my words, my thoughts.

These were  my original posts. My name is clearly mentioned at the top of the articles. The Huff Post is great with the attributions.Other people aren’t:

7 questions you need to ask before pulling the plug on your business

My ‘problem’ with the word disability


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5 thoughts on “The One where I got Plagiarised

  1. I just looked at the original post and it seems as if they have your name on there now! I’m happy everything worked out for you. I know how tough it is to have your work not be credited because us writer put our heart and soul into this.


    • ☺ The Huff post was fine from the beginning. It’s the 4 blogs that don’t mention me. That’s where the plagiarism occured.Thanks for stopping ay.

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  2. I’m sorry you’ve been plagiarised. I see it happening all the time unfortunately. I don’t know if you know of the site Pretty 52? They used to copy Hannah Gale’s lists all the time. I presume most of it isn’t done with malice but that they don’t actually see the problem with it. That don’t help you though!
    Amy at Amy & More


  3. I’m very impressed (and a bit jealous 🙂 ) about the Huff Post publishing your articles!! Well done you!!
    The plagiarism absolutely sucks and I hope you can find a resolution, maybe with the help of WordPress? But don’t let it pull you down too much and detract from the pride and happiness from having posts chosen to be in the Huff post!! That’s a brilliant achievement! Don’t let anyone take it away from you!! 🙂 xxx


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