Niche or no niche? A blogger in distress

When someone starts blogging one of the first decisions they are called to make has to do with whether their blog is going to have a niche, a specialisation. In an age where being a specialist in something is almost an essential, will a more general blog be successful? I’m here today with a post more about my thoughts regarding what is proper, what is kinda expected when blogging. Most people say that you should have a niche, you should be known for something. That is why readers will come to your blog.

How limiting is that though? I mean, have you heard the expression”one trick pony?” That’s what a niche means to me. If my blog is my creative outlet, why should I confine it? Why should I write about one thing? But if my blog is all over the place, will anyone want to read it?

I don’t like the word niche. I like experiencing stuff. I like exploring. Niche means giving me a label. I have lots of interests. Many things make me happy and I want to share. I like makeup, beauty, travelling, books, wondering about my crap! I am not a niche blogger nor will I be a brand (that’s for sure).

Funnily enough, I do need to say that I have a niche blog, don’t get me wrong. My first blog is my niche blog. I am an educational blogger.I have been for the past 3 years. I write about teaching. Lots of my posts have to do with teaching English for specific purposes like business or academic English, but, after having a niche blog. I realised I don’t want to just be a niche blogger. Blogging, in my mind, is a way for me to express myself. If I just blog about teaching, I do not express myself. I share one itsy bitsy aspect of myself.

You may ask, ” Eh! Who cares about you though? Like , who are you woman anyway?”

Another thing that makes me wonder though is if I am going about this blogging thing the wrong way. How do people get 100.000 page views in a day. What do they write about? How do readers come across their posts? Are they niche bloggers?

Don’t they get bored? I did. I love teaching, I enjoyed sharing my teaching experiences, but it wasn’t enough for me. I have more to say. Dunno how many people are really interested in what I have to say, but I do have more.

Does me not wanting to have a niche make me an amateur? A joke? I guess it all comes down to why I blog. Can my niche be wanting to write? That sure sounds like a funny niche.

I was told once that I have a lovely pen. I don’t want my pen to be just blue. I want my pen to be like those gadget-y ones. The one you pull down this little trigger and the ink changes. It becomes red, blue, green, black…..

Niche pin.jpg

Where is this all coming from? Just the fact that at 40, I still dunno what I want. What I like. What to focus on. This is reflected here on my platform.

I struggle. What do you think? For me, no niche.






10 thoughts on “Niche or no niche? A blogger in distress

  1. The way I approached mine was I knew I wanted it to be beauty primarily and then lifestyle secondly. As it has evolved what I like to do is designate each day to a specific theme and keep them like that week to week. That way people who read my blog know what to expect daily.


  2. I think it ultimately depends what you’re goal is for your blog. If you’re wanting to turn your blog into a business, I do think you should be narrowing down. But that doesn’t mean you only have to write about one topic! Instead of choosing one topic as my niche, I define my niche by my target audience. Then I can write about all the topics that are relevant to those in my target audience!


  3. Ah, I struggle with this too. I think a little bit of everything makes me more intrigued versus just one topic in a hundred different flavors. Ice cream is still ice cream, maybe I like cobbler too. Be niche-less? 🙂 Loved this post and the thoughts behind niches.


  4. No niche for me – hence “Compendium” in the name of my blog… so at least I hope people won’t be disappointed!!

    But I also wonder how some people’s blogs become so well-known and so popular… is it because they were “big names” to start with?? Or am I not writing the right kind of stuff that people want to read? Do I even care if anyone reads it? Yes, actually I do, because I want to engage with ELT teachers around the world and not just pump my blogged thoughts into the nothingness that is not listed on Google… but is niche the only way to achieve that? Answers on a post-card please!!

    Clare xx


    • Hey Clare!! I don’t have a niche here (I have the elt blog as a niche one now). I just love blogging about anything, so this is why no niche!!


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