I’m just not into it (=blogging)

I ❤ blogging. It’s my creative outlet, but for the past couple of weeks, I feel a bit tired , bored, lazy and just not into it.Me, the prolific blogger. The one with not one but 2 blogs. At the moment,

I am not building content.

I am not looking at my page views or stats.

I am not writing or scheduling anything.

It doesn’t bother me. I am not worried.

full pic white flowers

Last week was a great week for me. I got two blog posts in the Huffington post and was asked to do some special posts, but this week I feel empty. No need to write. Do you think that a high can lead to a low? Was the adrenaline rush the thing that burnt me out and why this week I have nothing to say?

 I think that’s OK though, cause as I said earlier, blogging is my creative outlet and I am not feeling it, so I am not going to force it. If my numbers go down, they will go up again.

I am not a professional blogger. I have a full time job as a teacher and I will be travelling to Athens tomorrow, so there are a lot of things going on, but no blog posts in my head.

Anyways that’s my ramble. I said what I wanted to say. I’m done. Off to pack. How do you guys deal with burnout or just not feeling it? I am really interested in your thoughts.

Take care everyone xx



2 thoughts on “I’m just not into it (=blogging)

  1. I just go with it if i’m not feeling it. There’s nothing to be done when you’re in that mood and no point forcing it. It will come back to you at some point and by then you’ll probably be full of ideas to post! Have a great time in Athens! x


  2. I blog quite sporadically so I’m not sure we can compare really. But the point is that I also only post something when I’ve got something to post… if you try to force it, it’ll be noticeable in the quality of what you write, and I’m sure that would affect reader/follower numbers more than just taking a bit of time off!
    Well done on the Huffington Post blog posts!! And hope you enjoy(ed) Athens!


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