5 Step Guide on How to make a Media Kit

There comes a time when you get asked to send a media kit and that’s when you start asking questions like, “Why me? Why now?” or “Why don’t I have one ready?” You see while I have been an educational blogger for about 3 years now, I only recently started ‘lifestyle/beauty blogging’ wand my blog is small. I mean tiny. So, imagine my surprise when a company asked me to send them my media kit. I was like, “What? Why?” Then I started doubting myself and telling myself, “What’s the use? I will only get rejected”. If you have that mind set fellow blogger, snap out of it. Now! Anyhow, I sat down and made one and I got taken on by the company, so I must’ve done something right. So today, I am going to share with you my media kit.

5 Step Guide to making your media Kit

Some Background info first

I am a teacher and that affects my blogging. I teach Business English and I have learnt a few things about marketing and doing business cause I teach my students! I also create lessons that focus on marketing/business. I am a planner and I also like to outline stuff. So, I approached my media kit like a Business English Teacher/Blogger/Planner/Capricorn! So, let’s have a look at my media kit, the thought process behind it and my suggestions

Step 1- Getting the Right Mind Set

Get it in your head. Don’t panic. A media kit is a good thing. Try to connect with other bloggers and talk a bit about media kits. Exchange views. Suggestions. For me, that person was Tania and my blogger girlies. You can also read up on media kits and look at examples. I read 2-3 blog posts and looked at a couple of Google Images. But, don’t overwhelm yourself. Too much info is not always a good thing especially when you are pressed for time.

Step 2- Let’s Think

OK! Make yourself a cup of coffee and sit in front of your computer and look at your blog. Ask yourself some questions. E.g. “What defines you as a blogger? What do you write about? What are your strengths? What does your blog say about you? How will you convey that in your media kit?”

I knew that I wanted to make something fun but chic. I wanted polka dots. I love writing about lifestyle, beauty, but I also want to have some sort of impact and of course I had to have the colour pink (my blog is called My Pink Rambles!).

Media kit Page 1

Let’s Plan

Step 3- Outline

Figure out what you will include in your media kit.

I decided on:

A blog banner

A picture of me



Social media Info

Info about blog stats/ readers

Samples of my work (variety of my work and pieces of writing I thought showed who I was as a blogger).

Samples of my pictures

Step 4- 1st Draft

I used Word to design my media kit. I used Word for various reasons, but the most important one is that I know how to use Word!! You see, I am a tech dummy and I am not that used to using different software, so I thought, go with what you know well. I increased my Word margins (the little rulers on the sides of word) so I could use my page to the maximum. I inserted tables and shapes. I used squares, ovals and circles and played with the borders of whatever I inserted. I found social media icons that were royalty free and chose the ones that I liked. The font I chose was Lucinda handwriting and Lucinda Sans. I also added page numbers. Because I have difficulty seeing, I didn’t want tiny fonts. I wanted everything to be as visible as possible! Word allows you to insert links and when you turn your file into a Pdf, the links are still there.

I also used Picmonkey for my picture collage.

My media Kit is 3 pages long ( most people online say it should be 2 pages long, but I wanted to include my pictures and not in a tiny size).

1st page is my info/blog info.

2nd page is samples of my work

3rd page is pictures

Media Kit page 3

Step 5: Your Media Kit/ Final Draft

Check that everything looks fine. Proofread and save your final draft. Then turn everything into a Pdf file, send it and good luck!!

Avoiding my fails

I forgot to mention my blog followers and Bloglovin followers! You should include them!!

So there you have it! How I made my media kit. I hope you found this information useful.

You can download the steps  and all the questions I asked myself + tips here.

STEP GUIDE on how to make a media kit

Do keep in mind that I am a new blogger and this is my 1st media kit. I decided to share this post because it may be helpful for other people who are in my shoes.

So, that’s all for now. I hope you liked this post.

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Talk soon





9 thoughts on “5 Step Guide on How to make a Media Kit

  1. This is a great post! I just decided to start back blogging and do a Media Kit myself this week! Part of my color scheme is pink, which is why I was attracted to this post.

    Thanks for sharing!


    La Deutsche Diva
    ♥ German ♥ English ♥


    • Thank you!! My blog is small as well, but I still needed to make a media kit, so I suggest you start thinking about what you would put in it. Slow and steady wins the race. Thanks so much for stopping by xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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