Earring fav0urites and wishlist

I am not a ring or a  necklace girl. I ❤ earrings. I have loads and today I am going to show you my faves and earrings that are on my wishlist. So, let’s see some of my faves.

Earring Pin.jpg

Gimme some glitter

I like these kinds of earrings for glamorous outings. You just pop on your earrings and you are ready to go. The ones on the top are handmade, the ones at the bottom are from Oasis (UK store).


Here you have some long hoops and drops. The longer earrings are again handmade and the drops are from one of the designers who designed earrings fror Sex and the City but I don’t remember his name!


More glam and probably my faourite earrings. Again handmade.

Glamorous earrings.jpg

I got a few new pairs this week. This one is from a Greek designer who ships internationally. You can check her earrings and jewelry out here.

Anna Mazaraki

and these from Claire’s. You see I wanted to get earrings. I wanted to get something with tassels but I do not like big ones, so I chose little tassels :).


How do I store my earrings? Well, because they are nice and pretty, I like to show them, make them visible. So I have them in little earring storage high heel shoes.

and dolls like these.

My Amazon picks (aka wishlist)

A jewelry organiser tray.

And some earrings I like

HANDMADE SUNRISE EARRINGS – OF EARTH AND OCEAN, Burnished Circles, Copper, Brass and Silverplated

I ❤ these. They are handmade and different metals. These match with everything. You can have your hair up or down and they will look lovely!

Handmade Casual Wear Turquoise Color Bead Dangle Wire Wrapped Earrings

Turquoise is the colour for summer!! Lovely stone and really pretty earrings.

Lucia Costin .925 Silver, Turquoise – Green Swarovski Crystal Earrings, Glamorous

Just gorgeous!


So, that’s all for now. I hope you liked this post.

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Talk soon



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5 thoughts on “Earring fav0urites and wishlist

  1. I am more of an earring girl as well, although I do love me a pretty ring. I really like the black ones in the third pic but all of the earrings on your wish list are gorgeous as well.


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