How I plan my blog posts: decorative planning

#Feb ❤

So as I said in my previous post, I will be writing blog posts about things I ❤ and I will be using the hash tag #Feb ❤ while doing this. I will be writing posts till February 14th and you are welcome to do the same (just use the hash tag #feb ❤ if you decide to do so). Today I will be talking about two things I love: decorative planning and blogging. So, let’s ‘girly’ plan.

Feb hearts post 2

What’s decorative planning?

Using any decorative element in your planner. It can be from using different colour pens to stickers and washi tap.

Why do I like decorative planning?

❤ it is creative

❤ it looks pretty

❤ it’s a leisure activity for me

❤ it makes planning less stressful because my plans look prettier & the whole process is something I enjoy.


Does it take time?

About an hour or two every week.


Decorative planning and my blog posts

At the end of every month I kinda plan my blog posts and I look at my previous month.

What do I do exactly?

I have inserts from the storyteller 2016 and I write down several things. What exactly?

Well, I have two lined pages where I write down my stats. I look at my page views, most popular posts, words that get ‘searched’ and send people to my blog, and items that get clicked in the actual blog posts. I write down if I have monetised and wins of the month like if anyone has emailed me to collab or send me products to review/use.


I write down what traffic comes from where. That way I know which type of social media brings me the most views. I, for example, write lots of DIY and planner-related posts. Pinterest and Facebook groups (related to planning) bring me a lot of traffic.

I also write down social media sharing formats that are lacking. Twitter, for example, brings me the least traffic. This helps me focus on trying to get more views from twitter. I started, for example, taking part in more twitter chats and that has been very helpful.

I also write down a few goals for the next month. I do not make a fuss about this though because I do not want to stress myself with numbers and goals. I am more of a slow and steady type of blogger (that’s probably why I have 3 readers :P. I do ❤ you though xx).

I then use my weekly inserts and write down blog post ideas. I write down a few ideas or key words. This helps me brainstorm. Of course I do not always stick to the days or the order I have written down my blogging ideas, but it does help me get ideas, and it forces me to sit down and think. The fact that I am using inserts also allows me to move things around, take pages with me etc. The fact that I have previously looked at my stats and popular posts also gives me a sense of direction.

My blog post planning is all on paper and it is the initial blog planning stage. I do not take pictures or write actual blog posts. Nope. I just sit down with a cup of coffee some music in the background and chill whilst planning. Cutting stickers, using washi tape relaxes me.

What am I using?

My pretty planner is a *light pink colour crush planner which I got from Amazon. They have sold out but you can get an A5 size colour crush here. (It is a bit bigger).

CC pic

All my inserts and the stickers you see in all the pictures are from the Story Planner 2016 February Kit – Storyteller Add-on.You can get my inserts and stickers here.


My pens are from a brand called *Mersuii and there are 10 pieces of multi colors gel ink pens. They are great to write with. You can get them here.


So, there you have it today’s #Feb ❤ two for one. Planning and blogging.

Feb hearts post 2

How do you plan your blog posts? Have you tried to be a bit more creative, decorative? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.Do subscribe to my blog if you like what I have to say (it does help me out and thanks if you do). Connect with me on Pinterest / Twitter/ Instagram. Don’t forget to ‘pin’ this post :). Sharing is caring. Check out my previous #Feb ❤ here.

Thanks for reading.







12 thoughts on “How I plan my blog posts: decorative planning

  1. Fantastic advice and totally jealous of your planner! I write blog posts for clients though am not as organised as I like. I tend to use an Excel spreadsheet to plan out monthly posts and track shares/ traffic, but it doesn’t look anywhere as near as pretty as your planner 🙂 I’m a bit of a notebook fiend – those A4/A5 spiral bound ones with pretty covers. I’ve got tons of them! Maybe there’s one out there with a planner type thing inside?

    Anyhow, great advice on tracking where your traffic comes from and setting goals. I’d definitely agree with that. Have you tried share tally ( to see how your posts are being shared? I find that helpful x


  2. I’m going to be doing a review of my own blog planner soon. I went on the lilypad website and with so many pages i didnt know where to look to they sell stickers that they actually send you in the post


  3. I love how you combine your creativity with functionality!! Such inspiration to create something pretty even from something as mundane as traffic stats!! Love this post!! Can’t wait to see more of your #Feb ❤ posts!!


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