Giveaway & Plan with me: The unicorn spread


Today’s plan with me post is a bit different. I am sharing with you my unicorn spread. There is a story behind this spread and it has to do with my colourblindness. There is also a giveaway. I will be giving away 5 unicorn sticker sheets. Details below.

Big version PIn

First though, I want to give you some background information. I am partially colour blind. Being colourblind and seeing black and white is extremely rare. Most people are red/green colourblind and more rarely blue. That means that we cannot see red/green/blue (depending on the type of CB) and all the colours that are shades or made with these colours. So, I, for example, have difficulty with red and that makes it hard for me to see purple, pink, orange, brown etc. 1/12 men and 1/200 females are colourblind. According to colourblind awareness org., there is one student in every classroom.

So, what does that have to do with you or unicorns & planning Joanna?

Well, I ❤ decorative planning, but I never know if what I am using matches. When I get washi tape for example, I have no idea what colour it is. The cashier helps me. I label my pens, so I know what I am using OR I buy pens that have the name of the colour on them! That is something random that I cannot do. Colour coordinating is completely out of the question for me! You are so lucky, you get to appreciate what you make. You know what it looks like. I don’t. Yes, I appreciate it, yes I think it’s pretty, but I don’t really ‘see’ it.

And using colourful pens or stickers is just a small thing I cannot do. Think about your life, your colours.

So, why unicorns?

Many talk about unicorns as if they exist, but they don’t or do they? That’s quite like the way people treat us. We are talked about but no-one (well the majority) doesn’t ‘see’ us, just like unicorns <3. The funny thing is that when I say, ” Oh! I am colour blind” I have heard, as a response, ” Oh! You are like a unicorn” Hence, the unicorn spread idea. I have written so many posts about my struggles, and if you do have time, please check this one out because I am really trying to raise awareness and you will also get a clear idea of what I cannot do, and maybe even help out the next person who asks for help cause they cannot see colours. I am just trying to raise awareness, and I need your help lovelies.

Big version

Plan with me <3. Make your unicorn spread ❤ ❤

I covered my pages with two white sheets (yeah I know, I should have stuck them better). I used lace washi tape and pearl stickers. I think I am more of a functional, scrapbooking type of planner. I like white space cause too many colours confuse me. I wrote down my work schedule. My income this week ( I work for a company and teach English one to one). I wrote down some twitter chats I would like to take part in (cause I am a blogger) and I also wrote down some things I want to do on the weekend.

close up

What did I use?

Unicorn stickers from Michelle and Patch.

Lace washi tape  from my Crafty Nell (blue butterfly/pink flower)

Lace washi tape from Craft mum 80  (bigger pink washiwith flower)

This unicorn sticker

One of my favourite Etsy store owners, Michelle from Michelle and Patch, was actually designing a unicorn sticker when I told her that I wanted to make a spread and gave her all the details. She designed the unicorn and sent me 4 to giveaway to you guys (How kind? Thanks Michelle ❤ <3). I added one, so we have 5 unicorn sheets. In her listing she has added a small dedication to us cb people.


The unicorn stickers Giveaway

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment below about your favourite colour and what associations you make. Also, leave your twitter name or Instagram name or email, so I can contact you if you win. Help me ‘see’ through your eyes. I will choose the 5 comments I relate to the most. If your comment does not appear, do not worry. 1st time comments need moderation and I am in Greece, so there is a time difference.

This giveaway will be open until Thursday the 4th 12 PM CET. It is open internationally. There will be 5 winners. Each winner will recieve one sticker sheet. Stickers will be sent in regular post. Unfortunately, I cannot be held responsible for postal damage or loss.

Once again, many thanks to Michelle for this giveaway. Please do subscribe to my blog if you like planning and all things beautiful. It does help me out a lot (Look at the sidebar on ways to follow). Connect with me on Pinterest / Twitter/ Instagram. Don’t forget to ‘pin’ this post 🙂. Next week, I will be sharing a printable made for my readers by Gabis Planner prints, so stay tuned. Sharing is caring. Good luck ladies! Remember: comment and some sort of info as to how I can conact you if you win (No addresses!!!!)

Big version PIn

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy planning!

❤ ❤ ❤




35 thoughts on “Giveaway & Plan with me: The unicorn spread

  1. I love the colour red because it is the colour of the roses in my grandads garden which is where some of my nans ashes are. Sometimes when i see the colour red i think of red roses then it reminds me of my nan.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My favorite color is black because it goes with anything. I don’t have to ask others “what color is this?” Lol. Since I had my daughter, pink became another of my favorite colors. I enjoy buying little pink things for my daughter. Thanks for this giveaway!
    Ig @baga310


  3. My favorite color is purple because when my daughter was a teenager I redid her bedroom in varying shades of purple and lavendar everytime I think about it I smile. ig @tsmith1196

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My favorite color is Pink because it gives me confidence! I am not a very girly girl, but I think pink is universal. It can be calming and gentle, it can be sexy and fun, it can be loud and exuberant…just like a personality! It’s so full of life and I feel like it just makes everything that much prettier 🙂 @pinkismyniche

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  5. My favorite color (right now) is PINK. I was never very girly girl when I was young, and my only child is a boy (now a grown man). For me, pink makes me feel girly, it’s lipstick, bubblegum, a pink bicycle, going to the fair and eating cotton candy. I guess maybe it takes me back to my childhood (ever so long ago lol).


  6. Your stickers are adorable! I love unicorns because my mom loves them and I associate them with her. She’s sick right now and even if I don’t win them I’d love to buy some for her. Her favorite color is the same as mine, teal 🙂


  7. My favourite colour is pink because it makes me happy! I love how it can be soft and gentle as a pastel, and be impactful and bold when it’s bright (I love the shade you have as your background!). 🙂 The unicorns are lovely – I like how the horn is pink, hehe.


  8. My favorite color is pink because it reminds me of when I was younger, my mom and me used to go on picnics where I would always see the pink sunlight glistening on my moms hair and she would always say everytime she saw me notice it, “The pink sunlight shining in your eyes is just your cheery soul shining through..”


  9. My favorite color is gray because it goes with everything and also it look awesome on my babygirl. Just wantes to say thank you for making these stickers and the thought behind it my husband is color blind and when he isnt going to work wearing his uniform he is asking me to pick out his outfits ao he will match so thank you from him!!!

    My email is


  10. Blue is my favorite color because it reminds me of the sky. From every different shade to the beautiful colors of a sunrise or sunset, blue represents tranquility and peace.


  11. My favorite color is chartreuse, which I lovingly call “ugly green.” It looks so cheery to me, and I love the fact that it’s not very popular, so I can score a lot of ugly green things on clearance!!

    Ig: paprikaplans


  12. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us….I had a friend back in high school that was cb but i never really put myself in his shoes…now that i have read your story i feel extremely thankful for seeing this world we live in in the beautiful colors…you have inspired me to do a giveaway with a unicorn as well. As for my favorite color…it has always and will always be pink….i consider myself to be an extremely girly girl…if i could paint the door to my house pink i would unfortunately the hubby doesn’t agree with me. Lol. My ig is vivalacupcake_01 and email address is


  13. “It’s so fluffy” love unicorns and your stickers are really cute. I don’t have a favorite color. I use pink a lot but I really love any bright bold color. I suffer from severe migraines, sometimes they get so bad that i can’t open my eyes or they mess with my vision. It’s a wonderful thing you ate doing by raising awareness.

    My IG is lalalish21. Thank you for the opportunity to win your cute stickers


  14. What a great giveaway and a touching cause! I have been slowly losing my sight (nightvision, distance) for the past four years. I have four favorite colors, and my wardrobe is built on these four colors: Aqua provides a calming clarity, a cool breeze in my cluttered brain. Coral pink is the warmth of the sun, the blush from flirting. Gold is all that glitters, fancy, royal, makes me feel like a queen. Gray has been my favorite for about 15 years because it is all-inclusive, unassuming, subtle and bold at the same time, a mood stabilizer. I can’t find a color that does not pair well with a shade of gray.


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