Retail Therapy: Yea or nay? Mini haul: pretty stuff

So today’s #Feb ❤ is about something I really really love: shopping. So, as an answer to very catchy (?!) title; yea of course!!!Now, I know, there are more important things in life than material goods, there are other things I should be spending my money on, and that I am a borderline shopaholic and yada yada yada. BUT I do not care! I work 24/7, I make money, and if I like something even if I do not need it, I will get it. It makes me happy, it’s therapeutic, and that’s that. So, since I like shopping and since today’s focus is on that, let’s see some things I got the past few months and my first impressions.

Marks and Spencer’s

I got a very pretty summery spring-y scarf. I guess it is from an older season but who cares? Scarves are always useful, stripes are always in, and pink, well, we know I love me some pink. It’s nice and soft. I spend my summers in the UK, so something like this will come in handy. I got it during the sales for 5 euro!

I also got a hand and nail cream from Marks and Spencer’s. It is the China Blue  hand cream. I don’t know how effective these creams are but they smell really nice. As a teacher, I need to have hands that are moisturised and smell nice cause I point to stuff a lot. I have loads of hand creams all around my house (even in my pencil-case), so I thought I’d give this one a shot. It says that it smells like linen and it does. Nice freshly washed clothes :). This cost 3.50 euro.



L’oreal Paris: Eyeshadow & Lippie

I got a L’oreal Paris colour riche eyeshadow in the shade wild gold 8.50 and the colour riche collection exclusive Eva’s Delicate Rose lippie for free 🙂  <3. Both are really pretty and I love them! They were having a buy an eye shadow, get a lipstick free. Loreal rocks!


H & M Precision sponge

I started the wrong way. I have not purchased the beauty blender because I was not sure I was going to like it. You see whenever I use a sponge, I just don’t like it. So, I thought I’d give this a shot especially since Tati (one of the beauty Youtubers I watch) said it was good. This sponge is for applying liquids and creams. I also got a traveller’s kit with a little nail kit. Sponge: 2.99, nail kit 3 euro.

Colour crush planner

I got the personal A2 planner in pink. This cost 19 pounds on Amazon. I love it. It is pretty. I will be using it for my blogging schedule and fitness. It is also what I will be using when I travel.

I also got these cute pens which I love for 2 reasons. 1. They are really pretty and girly BUT 2. most importantly they say the colour of the pen ON the pen. Yay!A win for all colourblind people like me!!!

CC pic

Skin Care

Vichy Lifactiv supreme Intense Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Corrective Care. I have used this for a couple of days now. It feels nice and light on the skin. I have not broken out. It absorbs really quickly. Odorless. These are my first impressions.

Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes: This is an eye serum for the eyes and lashes. First impressions: It is nice and cooling. It doesn’t sting my eyes even though I put it on my eyelashes. I have not noticed any differences yet. I don’t really know what exactly this is supposed to do if anything. Vichy says that it will make my eyes look youthful and illuminated. Let’s see (disclaimer: my skin already looks youthful for a 40 year old). I have been using both products for 4 days now. If you would like a full review, please let me know in the comments below. I got both products for around 40 euros. Vichy was having 30% off.

20160203_121553 (2).jpg

Clinique age defense BB cream SPF 30

I jumped on the BB cream bandwagon probably last and I don’t even know if I got a seat :p.  I just needed something with minimum coverage to wear at home. I teach online and it feels odd to wear makeup when teaching in front of a computer. With this BB cream I get a bit of coverage and moisturising. I have been using this for more than a month now. The coverage is fine for me. I have not broken out. It did sting my eyes a bit when I went to close to the water line. It lasts for a long time. It does feel a bit heavy in the beginning but not too much that you want to take it off. It has a thick consistency. I got this for about 23 euros. Clinique was having 30% off.

BB cream.jpg

*So, if you are interested in checking out for yourself any of these products, you can click on these links

Vichy Liftactiv Supreme

Vichy Liftactiv Eye Serum

Colour Crush Planner


HEARTS picture

So, that’s all for now. Catch up on my #Feb ❤ posts by clicking here. Have you tried any of these items? Any suggestions? Extra tip: If you are planning on visiting Greece this summer, get your beauty products from here. There are always sales cause of the sucky economy!

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