M&S Toiletries: mini haul and review

I got a few things from Marks and Spencer’s the other day and I thought I’d share what I got and how I feel about these products. They are toiletries.

🌸 What did I get?

Floral collection China Blue La Porcelaine Blue which is a moisturising hand and nail cream.  Fragrant Water lily shower gel with added moisturiser and fragrant water-lily anti-perspirant roll on.

M%S all


Hand cream: 3.50

Roll on: 3.50

Shower gel: 3.50

I got these products in Greece during the sales.

🌸 Water lily Shower Gel (with added moisturiser)


According to the tube this shower gel,

enriched with extract of water-lily and added moisturiser will cleanse your skin and help leave it soft, smooth and delicately scented

Does it do what it says?

Sure. The scent it leaves is subtle (water lily: floral scent-not too strong). I had a shower an hour ago and can still smell it. Does my skin seem softer. Sure, but doesn’t it always after a shower? It makes a few bubbles when you apply it. Would I repurchase? Sure.

🌸 Water lily anti-perspirant roll-on


It’s a roll-on that smells like a water-lily. It smells for quite a while but I haven’t gone to the gym whilst wearing it, so don’t know if it is a heavy-duty anti-perspirant. The thing I do not like about the roll-on is the packaging. It is light, so good for travelling but the ball (roll?), which is used to apply the anti-perspirant, often gets stuck, and you need to move it with your fingers. Would I repurchase? Probably not cause of the packaging.

🌸 China Blue moisturising Hand and Nail cream


According to the packaging this cream,

is a carefully formulated ph balanced cream with added moisturisers that will soften, condition and nourish hands and strengthen nails.

Does it do what it says?

Well, it’s a hand cream that does soften your skin. It does make them look a bit shiny. It is not greasy. The scent is of clean linen and it is quite strong. If you put too much on, it’s overbearing (for me at least). I have used hand and nail nourishing creams from M & S before, and I ❤  them. Would I repurchase? Yes, already have. I would probably buy a different scent though.

Have you tried and M&S products? Let me know what in the comments below.

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