Blogmas Day 29: catching up

So, it’s been a while since I wrote a #Blogmas post, but I thought it was about time we did a bit of catching up. How did you guys spend your Christmas eve? What are you doing these days?

I am a teacher on holidays and my holidays so far consist of eating, reading, watching (or should I say binge watching) movies, making paperclips and other planner/planning-related stuff, shopping, and coffee drinking with friends/family.


I spent a couple of days in the country side (Yuck!City gal in da house).

Olive trees

I was a little bit productive as I did a lot of decluttering and organisation. I have cleared out bookcases, drawers and a few cupboards, but there is still a lot on my list.

Binge watching romcoms & stuff

I watched Bridget Jones, the Holidays and Love Actually. I also watched a few episodes of Grey’s anatomy and some episodes of 48 hours which is a crime/news/documentary show.

Bookcase decluttering

I put all my Greek books together and then organised my English books based on read not read. Some people put their books in colour groups but cause I am colourblind, I go with height. Taller books go on the left, shorter books on the right.



I finished the Rosie project which was on my book list and I have moved on to Bridget Jone’s book 3 ‘Mad about the boy’. I am also reading loads of fashion magazines. Even though I cannot afford any of the stuff in the magazines, I do love looking at them.



The holidays are all about the food (really gotta start working out cause my clothes won’t fit me soon). I have gone for dinner and am making a lot of my favourite salad.

Here’s what’s in my yummy (detox) salad.

Cabbage and a bit of  raw cauliflower


Grated tomato/ Grated cheese

Dried fig



Dressing: vinaigrette sauce, olive oil and sea salt. Yummy. I love this salad!!!

Um… dunno what else to say. So, that’s a round-up of what I have been up to:)

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Have a lovely day/ night.


In the village





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