Drugstore mini haul & reviews: Liquid lippies, mascara and hair products

Hi everyone!!

Today I am going to talk about a few products I picked up from the drugstore. I bought some lip creams, a hair spray, an oil and a mascara. I have tried them out so I can tell you my initial thoughts. Let’s start with the repurchase!


Bourjois Volume Reveal mascara

I like this mascara cause it makes my lashes look bigger, blacker and longer. It is easy to apply, it does not start falling onto your face after a few hours and it is comfortable on the eyes. Is it the best mascara I have ever used? No, but for the price and for a mascara, I am happy with the result, hence the repurchase. At Boots, Bourjois had the 3 for 2 Sale, so I got the mascara. This sale led me to my other 2 purchases.


Why? Coz Boots had the 3 for 2 Sale going on, so I HAD TO get some more products…..

Bourjois Lip Lacquer in 01 Majes Pink

This is a shiny lip cream. The colout according to reviews is a peachy/ rose. My friend said that on me it did not look peachy at all. It was more of a pink/ rose/ majenta colour. The result is nice and pretty but it was so hard to apply. I hated it. It looked patchy in the beginning and it was not a lippie I slapped n and then was out of the door. Do I recommend it? If you don’t mind taking a while to apply a lippie, sure, otherwise forget it. It was quite long lasting but after coffee and some biscuits it had vanished. I am not really bothered by that though cause I don’t want a lippie that never, eva goes away.

Bourjois Velvet (liquid lippie) in Nude-ist.

Now you’re talking. This is a soft, buttery liquid lipstick. It is long lasting. The colour is nude (browny-pink). It’s a visible nude, not a nude you do not notice. This gets a big thumbs up. Love the feeling (you can see swatches and how all these lippies wear in my video linked down below).


MAC Retro Liquid lipstick in Back in Vogue

OK, so when I first tried this, I hated it. It spread all over my lips and was YUCK. But…. I tried it again, used less product, and REALLY like it. It is the most long lasting out of all the lippies I got. It is also the most drying of the bunch. I will say though that I like the way it looks on my lips, so it’s OK that it feels a bit drying. Back in Vogue was described to me as a peach/ neutral/ nude (you can see swatches and how all these lippies wear in my video linked down below).

Tresemme Hair spray- Volume and lift

It’s a hairspray. You do your hair, your spray, and done. It does hold my ”volume” and it also tangles my hair and is a pain to brush out. I do like the hold though.

I bought a few bits and bobs, so if you are interested in checking out how the lippies held and what they looked like, as well as my thoughts on the other things I got, do check out my video linked below.

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See you in my next post!!!





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