Amazing L’oreal cream for Dry/ Sensitive Skin (Hydra Genius)

Hi lovelies,

If you use Clinique moisture surge, keep reading. If you have dry, sensitive skin, keep reading. If you are interested in making your skin look nice and soft, then I am your girl.

Today I am going to review (and rave about) my new skincare obsession

❤ ❤

I think I found a dupe for Clinique Moisture Surge or at least something which has the the same amazing results as my lovely moisturising cream.

What is it?

L’oreal Hydra Genius


My skin is old and sensitive. I have rosacea and dry patches. Sometimes the dry patches can be seen cause like skin sticks out. My skin pulls and it ain’t fun. I am always on the look for creams that make my skin feel nice and soft. I used this product before I went to bed. In the beginning it stung for like two seconds (also watch the try on in my youtube video), but it was nothing that was painful. After a few seconds my skin absorbed it and it felt really nourishing and moisturising. My skin was soft and smooth the next day. Now I use it whenever I have a shower and wash my hair/ face or whenever my skin feels dry.

According to L’oreal, this is the

Liquid Care for Dry/ Sensitive skin.

Packaging/ Product info

This cream has aloe and hyaluronic acid. Both of these ingredients are great for hydration. It is 70ml and you can get it by clicking here.

I recommend you check this out if,

You Have dry/ sensitive skin

You like Clinique Moisture surge (this is a more affordable version).

Do watch my skin care Try on Video. I test the Hydra Genius in Real time.

Thanks for stopping by. Have you tried this product?

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