Cold sore product review: Lipivir

Hi everyone!!

Today I am going to talk about a product I just used, something I had never heard of before and fell in my hands completely out of luck! I went to the #BloggersBal about a month ago an one of the goodies I was given was this Lipivir tube which is good for cold sores. I chucked it somewhere in my makeup bag and totally forgot about it until the horrid cold sore appeared. I tried to deal with the ‘situation’ by using a lip balm cause initially I thought that my lips were dry. Then, I looked at the mirror and freaked out. A huge cold sore! I then remembered that I was given a Lipivir and I tried it.

2016-07-27 16.00.20

Before I move on to tell you my opinion, let’s see what the website says. So, according to Lipivir,

no pharmaceuticals

no one can see you wearing it

no cortisone

skin friendly

no side effects

Is that true?

Regarding the chemicals, I do not know.

Regarding the no one can see it. Yes. That’s true.

Skin friendly?  Read on.

Side effects? Well, I was fine when I used it.

Now the review and my story

So, I had a cold sore on my lower lip. I applied Lipivir for the first time and at the beginning it smelt and tasted like lemon. After a while though, it tasted like YUCK!! I actually got scared and googled the side effects!! I thoughtmine had expired or something! I saw that there were no problems and relaxed. I went to bed and the next morning the cold sore had vanished! It wasn’t there! So, who cares about the poisonous flavour, it’s worth all the bitterness cause my lips were fine!!

Where can I get this miracle worker?


How much does it cost?

2 gr are about 9 pounds. It is worth every penny.

If you do not mind the yucky flavour and remember to avoid licking your lips, you are fine and this product is totally worth it.

This is not a sponsored post, bu I did get the product for free cause it was part of a goodie bag! You should try it out if you suffer from cold sores. So, that’s all for now. Don’t forget to follow my blog or connect with me on social media. Got loads of these fab reviews ahead!!



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