DIY cute flower polka dot picture frame

Today I am going to share with you a DIY idea for a pretty decorative picture frame that costs almost 3 euros to make!! It is easy and would make a nice decorative piece at home. So, here goes:

DIY Floral Polka dot frames

What do you need?

❤ a picture frame (preferably white)


❤ scrapbook paper/ digital paper for your background.

❤ plastic flowers in a bouquet

❤ glue

❤ ❤ good music in the background and some coffee 🙂

Let’s make some pretty stuff

Take the glass off your frame and put your background paper in the picture frame.

Take your plastic flowers off their bouquet and cut off any plastic stalks. You need your flower as flat as can be.

flowers white.jpg

You must cut off all the stalk bit. You only need the buds!

Stick the flowers on your paper and…. that’s it. You have your pretty picture frames which you can use to decorate your bedroom, your wall, your bookcase, anything!!!

Flower shelf.jpg

My paper is from the store aestheticaddiction. I have a coupon code for you guys if you decide to buy paper. For more info press here.

You don’t have the supplies? Well why not do some shopping?

This is the UHU (contact glue for all purposes) I use. You can get it here.

I found some lovely scrapbook paper on Amazon and it is in my cart at the moment. You can get it here (nice polka dots and stripes)

Lovely plastic bouquet of Gerberas which you can get here.

Set of 4 white frames from IKEA. You can get them here.

I use amazon affiliate links. You do not pay extra if you buy something, I just make a small commission. Thanks ❤ if you purchase something.

So, enjoy your cute floral picture frame making.

DIY Floral Polka dot frames.jpg

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