What did I get from H&M? Makeup, a knit and some bling

Last Friday was payday. Yeap, yeap. And Jo (that’s me) was a happy shopper. I had spent the previous evening catching up on my favourite YouTubers  who were talking about makeup and all that jazz, so I decided I’d go to H&M and see what all the fuss about the new makeup line was. I went to the H&M store in my town and started looking around. I did a bit of damage, but not tooooooo much. So what did I get?


I got a couple of stuff. I bought two cream eye shadows; one is called Shy Violet (light purple) and the other one is called Countess (gold/brown-ish). I also got a blusher in the colour apricot and a lipstick called Fareham Brick (burgundy). All the colour descriptions are based on what other people say, cause I am colour blind and always need help when I am getting makeup, especially since makeup companies, H&M included, insist on giving makeup colours random names instead of calling it burgundy! Welcome to my world :(.

makeup with colour

Mini -review: The lipstick stays on for quite a while, but you do need to have it with you to reapply, especially if you eat or drink something. The eye creams don’t crease or budge. It actually took a while to take off.They do have a bit of fall out though. At least Countess does.  The blusher is kinda ‘weak’ . Don’t know how I feel about it yet.


I got two necklaces which I might even layer.



I got a polka dot knit. It is nice and soft. The back is a bit longer than the front and there is also a little zipper in the back. It looks really nice.


And because I like to be practical here are the tags of the Polka dot blouse and the two cream eye shadows. You can ask the people in H&M to  tell you where these items are (the 1st tag is for the knit. The other two are for the necklaces).

UntitleH&M Tags

I paid about 70 euros for everything. Knit was 20, necklaces around 12 and the rest was on the makeup.

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Talk soon



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