What the Greek recession has taught the shopaholic gal (me)

Most articles, blog posts that talk about Greece at the moment, talk about how bad everything is. And it is. Don’t get me wrong. People are suffering. I have suffered. I had a language school business which shut down partially due to recession. BUT I have also learnt a lot and changed my  money habits because of the situation. I had to say bye-bye to spendy Jo and hello to more careful (but still a bit spendy) Joanna.

So what has changed for the girl who needed/ wanted stuff, more stuff and a bit more stuff?

Credit cards

I stopped using them. Plastic money and Joanna do not go well. So, I cut mine up with scissors and am now just paying off my debts. If I don’t have the money, I shouldn’t be buying. Period.


I love clothes, bags, makeup. The economy has made me dig deeper into my closet and pay more attention to what I have, what I need and what I want. Things on the want list usually just stay there. I love loads of things I see in the stores, but I cannot buy them, so I don’t. Instead I repurpose or start wearing again something I had bought a while ago, but just forgot existed. When I do shop, I try to avoid buying fashion trends (I opt for cheaper stores when it comes to those) and I usually by things that belong to a capsule kind of wardrobe.

Being a responsible citizen

I am paying more tax which means my income is much less cause a lot has to go to the government. In the past, when other people did not give me a receipt for a service (one way for the government to get money) I may have even ignored it. I wouldn’t care. Now, I ask for it (or at least most of the times I ask for it).


I take advantage of them. I look for bargains and shop during sales.

I have a piggy bank just to feel better

I like the sound of the coin when it drops into the piggy bank. I may not be able to save money in the bank, but I am saving coins (;P).

Bottom line is

Money is not the most important thing in the world

Yes, money matters but above all you need to think that if you are healthy and have a roof over your head, you will be OK.

Stressing over money

I have come to terms with the fact that I am not going to become rich nor am I going to have huge savings in the bank. I am more careful with how I spend my money. I make lists and write down my expenses. I always have a little budget for my fun little extras. Knowing what comes in and what goes out, makes it less stressful.

So, yeah, recession sucks, but you know what? I now value what I earn. I may still be in a spendy mode, but I am cautious. The shopaholic in me has become more mature.

To better times!


Talk soon



4 thoughts on “What the Greek recession has taught the shopaholic gal (me)

  1. Our situation is not as servere as what has happened in Greece but due to being let go from a job, we have made some hard decisions about what is and isn’t important in our lives. It’s not easy & it’s not fun but the truth is, as you say, that it feels better to know what is coming in & what is going out.


  2. Hello!
    These are great points. I love this post.Living a minimalist life style is the best way to go. I learned that buying only what we need makes us appreciate our hard earned work more. I used to have a ton of clothes in my closet and would always say I have nothing to wear. The reason for that was because it was overwhelming and I could hardly see what I actually had because there was so much. I purged my closet, donated it all to a shelter (not goodwill because the rich keep getting richer, but to actual people who are in need and can not buy). I kept versatile neutral color pieces that I can capsule. When I do buy something its usually unique and will not go out of style even if it cost me more I will do it. Same goes for everything else in my life. I do not need every new gadget, I do not need every pair of shoes that is in style, every purse. It’s mind boggling what people these days throw money at but will cut corners on stuff that is actually important like quality food, good health insurance, ect. I was that person too but I changed and never looked back. When we de-clutter our homes everything in our life de-clutters, I swear. My house is neater, cleaner more organized. If I needed to move I could move our whole house in one small moving truck and that feels amazing but my bank account is better too 🙂



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