Laura Mercier makeup tutorial experience

I love getting my makeup done, don’t you? I also enjoy learning new things about how to apply makeup and get suggestions about brushes, sponges, techniques to apply makeup. When I heard the phrase,

Do you want a flawless makeup tutorial at the Laura Mercier contour?

Of course I jumped at the opportunity cause I do not have a Laura Mercier contour in my home town. The other reason was that the phrase flawless makeup is important to me. You see, if I am going to wear makeup, I want to look flawless. I am more on the medium to full coverage side of the spectrum than that of the light coverage.

Seriously gals, if you are going to wear makeup, it better cover, otherwise why bother?

laura Mercier haul

My beauty appointment

My appointment was on Saturday at 2 with Alex, the Laura Mericer makeup artist in John Lewis Sheffield. I sat down on a comfy chair and the tutorial started. Alex told me a few things about the person Laura Mercier.

She was a painter who went on to do makeup. She likes to use a canvas and people’s faces are the perfect canvas. She invented a primer in order to be able to have the perfect canvas to apply makeup on.

20160821_110135 (1)

After cleansing my skin, Alex applied the Flawless Skin Repair cream and Eye Serum. Both felt so nourishing and really comfortable on my face (they are on the To Buy list ladies).  She then used a hydrating primer and tested samples of foundation on my hand. I like mate finishes and I don’t like my foundation to feel oily , so I went for the Silk Cream oil free Photo Finish foundation. Alex used a beauty sponge/ blender. I told her that I like using a brush and then going over my foundation with a stippling brush. She said that sounded OK as well. She then applied the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (No1) and secret camouflage (No2) with a brush. After that, the Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder.


After the foundation had settled, it looked very natural and all my red spots/ rosacea was covered. She applied a bit of makeup as well, so she used the Matte Radiance Baked Powder in No2 (beautiful finish, nothing scary and perfect for people who are a bit more heavy handed….. like me). On the cheeks she used blush Heather Pink and as a highlighter the face illuminator in the shade Indiscretion ❤ <3. I like wearing bright lips, so we went for the lip cream in the shade Coral Reef (gorgeous).

I ended up buying

The Lip Cream: £22

The Foundation £35

The Baked Powder/ Bronzer £27

I also got the illuminator (bought this the previous day and don’t remember the price. It is 30+ though).

All in all, it was a lovely experience and Alex was very helpful. I have an eye makeup tutorial planned next, so stay tuned. If you are in Sheffield, you really should go to the Laura Mercier counter in John Lewis.

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