Ride or Die Tag

Of course I am a makeup junkie and I do spend loads of money(s) on makeup and pretty stuff. So, today when I was catching up on my YouTube videos I noticed that a lot of the channels I had subscribed to had Ride Or Die on their Thumbnails.After watching Jaclyn’s video (the one who started this tag) and a few of my other favourite YouTubers, the blogger in me decided to revolt and …….

OMG I am going to break all the bloggersphere laws and publish a second blog post in one day? Oh yes, I am! And Oh yes, I did.

So the #rideordie tag is what products would you take with you on a desert island. I have cheated a bit but eh, life is short and yeah, my post so I can cheat!!

First of all ladies, you are on a desert island and you don’t have the most important thing???!!!

Sun screen/ block

I would take a sun screen/ sun tan lotion on my dessert island! Of course!! Now I have been using this all summer and it is going down as my ride or die cause AT LAST I found a sun block that does not feel oily, greasy, yucky!!! What am I talking about? Super City Block by Clinique.



L’oreal  Infallible Mate 24H- Matte. I have been repurchasing this for so long. I really like the coverage and the non greasy feeling. My luxury going out foundation is of course Double Wear by Estee Lauder (cheating……).



Chanel Les Beiges healthy glow sheer powder. I hit pan, bought a new one, and am hitting pan again.


For an  everyday lippie I think it’s Plum Pop by Clinique. Yeap. I love it. I love all my Clinique Pops.



Mac Fleur Power.

Hair Product

OK, so it’s not a makeup product but how ugly do you feel when your hair looks horrible and meh? Yeah. So, I have bought so many of these magical bottles, I have actually lost count. Diamond Shine all over Gloss  Spray by Charles Worthington. I love it. It makes my hair so shiny!!!


OK, so I am going to cheat here (again) cause I have two choices. For going out I ❤ Chanel Mademoiselle (sophisticated classy smell). Now, for every day/ going to work summery perfume (and already on the second bottle), hands down it is the Escada Delicate Notes (it smells like a clean powder).


Anything L’oreal.

Eye Shadow Pencils/ Crayons

The Clinique Chubby Sticks. I wear them every single day since I discovered them. They are so easy to apply and last all day long. I am really happy with them. My favourite one is the ample amber. Keep in mind that cause I am visually impaired these pencils have proven to be life savors!!


Contour Palette

Too Faced Cocoa Contour. I have been using this every day and I am hitting pan on both contouring shades. I do not really use the highlighter. I do use the banana powder though.


Kinda Ride or Die

All summer I have been wearing the Bronze Goddess Multi Palette, so it should go here for a palette that is travel friendly and has a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer.



So these are my Ride Or die products. Do you agree with me on any of these? Feel free to leave yours in the comments below. I watched Tati, Kristina and the Jaclyn Hill who actually started the tag. You should check their videos out if you haven’t already.

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Talk soon xxx

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