Correcting Skin Problems Using Lasers and Other Methods

If you want to treat a skin problem, the biggest question to ask is which treatment type should you pick? Are lasers the best option for you, or would you be better off using a different type of treatment method? The only way to answer that is by comparing treatment methods.

Using Some Type of Peel to Clear Up Your Skin

One option you have is to use some kind of peel to clear up your skin. There are several different types of peels or peel-like techniques that you can try. The most commonly thought of peel is probably the chemical peel, which involves applying a particular chemical mixture to the skin to help get rid of dead skin cells and other debris on the surface.

Another peel-like procedure is the laser peel. Professionals have used laser machines to remove the surface layers of their clients’ skin for years. The idea of the procedure is to let the fresh, healthy skin cells below show through and get rid of any dead cells or foreign bodies clogging the skin’s pores.

A third type of peel-like technique that can accomplish a similar goal in a different way is microdermabrasion. That uses a specialized tool to “sand” the surface layer of skin off, much like sanding a board to remove rough patches.

How Peel Techniques Differ from Each Other

Peel techniques are all done using different products and devices. Those differences also make some of them better or worse for certain people. For example, if you have dark skin then some types of lasers might not work well for you because they are better at treating lighter skin shades. Yet, other laser treatments might be perfectly fine. You just have to check with a skincare professional to find the right one.

There are no such good options for darker skinned people when it comes to chemical peels. The chemicals are universally bad for darker skin tones because they actually contain bleaching agents. That means that they can permanently, or at least semi-permanently, change the color of your skin, if your skin happens to be dark.

Other Skin Treatments That May be Worth Trying

There are also plenty of other skin treatments out there that may be worth trying. Among them are lotions, creams, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, and sound wave treatments like ultrasound or radio frequency procedures.

For the most part, all of those treatments are fairly safe, regardless of your skin tone. However, many of them are also weaker and less effective than lasers, chemical peels, and other treatments of that caliber. That means that you may require multiple treatments and a lot more time to achieve the same results that you might get from far few laser or chemical treatments.

Facelifts Are a Last Option

One final thing to remember is that, while facelift procedures have their place in the skincare world, they should always be the last option you try. One of the above methods or a similar method is likely to work for you with fewer risks and less recovery time. You just have to talk to your skincare expert to figure out which one is the right choice to treat your skin.


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