Plan with me:the ‘rich’ spread & Free printable

Hi lovelies!!

Today’s spread is with digital paper from AestheticAddiction and the printable is something I put together myself. Disclaimer: I am colourblind and while I do think this spread looks ‘busy’ , I prefer to label it as ‘rich’. Colours don’t distract me, so I find it pretty.

glowy spread PIN

My spread

In the top boxes I write down my work schedule. In the bottom boxes my To Dos and things that need to be dealt with some time this week. My sidebar has been dedicated to money and kilos! I want to track how much cycling I do and my weight. I think that if I have that in my planner I will feel guilty and end up doing some exercise.

Printing tips: I made this using Word. If you want a post about how I made this, please let me know in the comments below.



You can download the printable here.


Dimensions: width 1.5 inches and height 2.5. I use the Happy planner with the gold heart in the middle (dunno its name :D).

Make sure that when you press print you have chosen the printer option: “actual size” otherwise the boxes shrink. Trial and error folks.

I interview Aestheticaddiction a while back and she gave me two jpegs and coupon codes which are still valid. You can find the coupon codes and the jpegs here (I made new covers for my planner with the jpegs)

Other stuff. The washi tape is from the 1 euro store. The pearl paperclip I made myself. The pens are from local bookstores but Amazon sells similar ones.Rbenxia Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens Plastic Cartoon Pin Type Office Students Pen Pack of 10pcs * You can get them here.



If you are looking to buy an Eric Condren planner, I have a $10 off offer for you guys if you purchase the planner by pressing the words $10 off my ELCP below (this is a referral link).

$10 off my ECLP$10 off my ECLP

*If you want a Happy Planner and are not in the US (that’s what I am using and I love it), you can buy the same one as mine by pressing here.

spread rich


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Thanks for reading! Happy planning everyone 🙂 ❤ ❤



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