DIY flower paperclips

Hi lovelies!

I have been making my own paperclips for the past few weeks and will be posting a few DIY posts, but I really got excited about my latest paperclip, so I thought I’d write a post now, and wait later 😀

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My creation

This is a pic of my flower paperclips. You can use them in your planners/ binders, books or wherever else you use paperclips.

What do you need?

Plastic flowers with the leaves (preferably white and flowers that you can squash a bit so the flatten out and are not too puffy).

Nail polish with glitter OR glitter and clear nail polish OR glitter spray ( I didn’t have glitter spray which is why I chose nail polish. Also nail polish stains cloth which in this case is good cause it won’t budge).

Glue (ask for glue that sticks metal to cloth).

Washi tape



Gloves OR nail polish remover 🙂

Patience 🙂

all together.jpg

❤ Step one

Grab your bouquet and cut your flower off it. There are plastic bits behind your flower. You need to cut them off too! Flatten the flower a bit (gently) so it is not as puffy. Take some nail polish and pour a small bit onto paper (not cloth cause it will get absorbed more quickly). Dab your flower onto the nail polish and let it dry. Depending on how glittery you want your flower to be, you dab more.

TIP 1: I chose red and white flowers.

TIP 2: If you don’t have nail polish with glitter,then use glitter and clear nail polish. I didn’t have glitter either, so I looked round my house and saw this vase full of stuff with glitter. I shaked that a bit and viola… I had glitter!

Wait for flower to dry.

❤ Step 2

Put washi tape on your paperclip so you have a flat surface to glue your flower on.

❤ Step 3

Stick your flower onto the washi. Keep it pressed for a while and then let it dry.

❤ Step 4

Back to your bouquet. Cut off the leaves and after your flower has stuck to your paper clip, stick the leaf on the other side. Press it for a while. By adding the leaf  you cover the washi on both sides.

Let your paper clips dry.

What else can I use?

Well, I got  little stickers that have fake drops (like diamonds) and pink diamond stickers from a crafts supply store . I stuck those onto my flowers to mimic a kind of raindrop effect.


Durability depends on how gentle/rough you are with your paperclip. I have not had any problems.

If you don’t have any of these things at home, you can get some from Amazon. I did a little search and found some fairly inexpensive items (these are affiliate links which means I get a small commission from your purchase, but the price for you is the same).

780pcs Bling 6mm Multicolor Sheet Diamond Crystal Rhinestone Gem Self Adhesive Stickers

Get this here. Current price for 780 pieces:$5.99.

diamond stickers

KINGSO 1 Bouquet 21 Heads Small Artificial Peony Ranunculus Flowers Garden Craft Home Wedding Decor

You can get this here. Current price $3.99.

Amazon bouquet.png

Screen shot from Amazon. com

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Happy DIY-ing 😀

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