Birthday plan with me & HUGE giveaway

Giveaway Closed. Winner to be announced.

Hi lovelies!

On Friday it’s my birthday so I though I’d share with you my birthday spread and do a stationery giveaway. I will be giving away an extra set of the Birthday kit, some extra planner stickers and lots of stationery cause we ❤ our stationery (for details on how to take part, please read till the end).

Turning 40-my spread

My birthday spread

So, Birthday plan with me. It’s my big 40 people!!

How did I plan? What did I use?

I wrote down all my weekly chores on the top boxes in the 1st 3 columns and I also included my work schedule whenever I had work. The side bar and some of “Monday column” were dedicated to my Birthday.The sidebar is for who is invited and RSVPed and ‘Monday’ is my To Dos.

The kit which I used and will be giving away (a new one of course) is from Lilly Top stickers (Etsy store link can be found here). It’s bright, very colourful. Just right for a birthday.

The giveaway

There are 2 prizes so there will be two winners. One is stationery, the other is more planner-related. If you take part in the giveaway, you will be included in both draws (keep reading for details.

What’s included?

Prize 1

Birthday spread full

Prize 1


You will get the Birthday kit (2 sheets) which I purchased from Lilly Top and the two extras (nail polish/cleaning icons) which she kindly added to this giveaway (thanks Jules). 2 birthday bookmarks and a bigger bday card, some sticky notes, a paperclip, a little paper-cutter (cuts cupid shapes) and the an eraser that is useless but looks like a present (so cute!). The kit is for the ECLP, but I used washi and it was fine!! No planner included just planner kits.

Prize 2


Prize 2


So you get 4 pens that smell like fruit, 3 mini notepads, 3 paperclips, butterfly stickers, a paper-cutter (flower shapes) and again a useless but really cute eraser that looks like… flip-flops!!!

How to enter the giveaway

You must do 2 things:

  • Follow this blog via email subscription (first option on the sidebar)
  • Leave a comment below saying whatever you want, but mentioning your preference. Say for example you prefer the planner stuff first, then the stationery or vice versa.

In order to take part you must do both!If you are already following my blog via email, please mention it in your comment!Don’t worry if your comment does not show up straight away. Some require moderation and I will approve them the moment I see them!!

Extra info regarding the giveaway

It starts today 4th of January and will end on the 10th at 12 o’clock CET (central european). The first person drawn will get the prizes based on his/her preference. The second person will get the remaining prize. Winners will be chosen via rafflecopter. This giveaway is open internationally (yeap, yeap) and I will be sending the goodies via registered mail. The winner will be contacted via email and in a blog post.Only the items included in pictures with the caption prize 1/prize 2 are in the giveaway.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and comment if you want to enter the giveaway! ❤  ❤

I am also doing a skin care giveaway which you may want to check out here (different requirements).

PicMonkey Collage

If you are looking to buy an Eric Condren planner, I have a $10 off offer for you guys if you purchase the planner by pressing the words $10 off my ELCP below (this is a referral link).

$10 off my ECLP

*If you want a Happy Planner and are not in the US (that’s what I am using and I love it), you can buy the same one as mine by pressing here.

Check out my planner category for loads of planner-related topics, coupon codes and printables. Connect with me on Pinterest/ Twitter/ Instagram.Maybe even give my Facebook page some TLC?  Comments section is all yours. Thanks for reading. Good luck everyone!!! And of couse… happy planning!!!!!!! Remember for the giveaway you must also subscribe via mail to my blog 🙂

Talk soon

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95 thoughts on “Birthday plan with me & HUGE giveaway

  1. Great post. I’d love prize 1 as a preference, but would be happy with either 😀 I love ‘smelly’ pens they just make whatever is being written that much more fun!! (I have followed you by email too)


  2. Happy Birthday Joanna!!! Big fan of yours and subscribe to your blog! I’m a sucker for planner stickers 😉 Thank you for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

    -Jennifer Homutoff


  3. one of my resolution for this year is that I will try to be more organised and I would love to have a colourful diary as you have 🙂


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