Garnier Micellar Water VS Micellar Gel

Hi everyone,
Today I am going to talk about two products from the same brand. I like them both, but one is my all time favourite and it actually made me stop purchasing the other. So, what’s the difference between the Gernier Micellar Water and Gel? Don’t worry. I am not going


Well, the first obvious difference is the consistency. One is a water and one is a gel.
How does that affect me? I use more micellar water than I need to because it spills more easily. The gel is easier to control.


I use cotton to apply the water. I actually use a couple of cotton pads to remove all my makeup.The gel has a pump, the water doesn’t. Gel: I use two pumps of the gel and everything, I say everything (yes, even mascara) comes off.

Skin Types

I have used both the sensitive skin  and the normal combination both were fine for me. I did not notice a difference.

 garnier close


Water 700 ml, 400 ml and 125ml
Gel: 200 ml.
Unfortunately there is no travel friendly option.

Which one do I prefer and recommend?

The gel. It is better value for money and much more effective. You can get it here.

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See you in my next post!!!



Current Skincare Favourite (affiliate link)
Clinique Moisture Surge. Excellent for ‘thirsty’ skin!! Have repurchased it 3 times already!!


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