You look too pretty to be good at …..anything

So, before we start, let me just say that this post is not about me saying how hot I am (which I ain’t by the way). It is more about assumptions about women… made by women. Yeap!!

I mean being underestimated by a woman stinks. Especially if there is a connection between looks and effectiveness. Don’t girls know we gotta stick together? I mean c’mon! So, here is my story.

Some background info

I am a teacher and teachers get observed. That means someone comes into your classroom, watches you teach and makes suggestions on how to improve.

The pretty teacher

I am a normal looking teacher/woman. Nothing special, and if you ask me (and others) I could lose a bit of kilos here and there. But, I manage, and at 40,I feel fine about the way I look. Now, the next thing I want to ask is, “why do some people (in my line of work and other professions of course) assume that if you want to look decent/good, you probably focus more on your looks and less on your job (teaching)?” My answer to that is, ” OM freakin G”.

Now, I am going to tell you a little story. I like girlie stuff (Really? You couldn’t have the guessed that now, could you?). I do not go to extremes, but I like a bit of makeup, my comfy heels and my nice perfumes. When I go to class, I do pay attention to the way I look. is it the most important thing? Nope. Does it matter? Sure, why not?

I was going to get observed and it was a Friday. Friday at work in the UK also means going to dinner or the pub  (Yeah, if I am going to go out, I will put in extra effort to look presentable. Sue me :p). So, I spent 5 mins using a curling iron, I put on a bit of makeup on, perfume and went to work. I looked  OK.  When I walked into the office, I got a few compliments. A nice ambient atmosphere. We also talked shop. ” What are you going to teach? Can I see your lesson plan… yada, yada, yada”. And then, this. One of my (female) colleagues said, ” So, X will observe me. He doesn’t care about whether I look good or not. He will focus on my teaching”. Me , “…..” .

edited photo

Excuse me? Should I have gone to work with a paper bag on my head, a wrinkly shirt, and smell of a cheapo deo spray? So, if I am blonde (fake blonde), wear makeup, and nice clothes, will someone automatically think that I won’t be good at my job? That I cannot teach? My co-worker made the assumption that I put effort into my looks because I was lacking as a teacher! And this was a woman! Tstststs (that’s the Greek sound of disapproval).

I wonder. Do looks really matter? Will you automatically think that if someone looks horrible, they are better at their job? I guess you won’t. So why is the opposite so easy to assume? And why would a woman be the one to say that to me? Mind boggling!!Sad even!

FYI: my observation went great!

Have you ever faced these kind of prejudice/bias? Feel free to comment below. This is the part where I beg for followers :). Subscribe to my blog if you like what I have to say. If you don’t, gimme another chance. Check out this post.Connect with me on Pinterest/ Twitter/ Instagram.Maybe even give my Facebook page some TLC?  Remember the comments section is all yours. This post was first published on my edublog. I have adapted it here. Thanks for reading!

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One thought on “You look too pretty to be good at …..anything

  1. I think this is important. Why should anyone care whether or not you’ve made an extra effort? Of course, there’s a borderline, but obviuosly you don’t neglect baths for weeks on end, nor do you wear push-up bras and super high heels for work (I assume 😉 ). Stupid cow judging you for your looks!

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