Product review: One Minute Wonder Ampoule Pantene

PicmonkeyToday we are going to look at hair products that promise to make your hair feel soft and shiny. I will be giving a short and sweet review of the Pantene One Minute Wonder Ampoule.

What is it?

A hair ampoule (capsule) that ‘brings life’ back to damaged hair.

Who is this for?

According to the Pantene website,

For those who have damaged, stressed, and overworked hair.

How often can it be used?

As often as you want and it only takes one minute.

My opinion

Did it make my hair softer/shinier?

Yes. After using it my hair was not as tangled as it normally is. It felt soft but not greasy. Don’t know about the shine.

Does it weigh down your hair?

No.I didn’t have to wash my hair for a good 3 /4 days because it didn’t make my hair greasy. Very happy with this. Also, my hair did feel nice and clean after using it.

Would I repurchase?

Already did!



I paid 5 euro and got 2 (then again, I am in Greece, so lots of companies have dropped prices and are holding offers).

So, there you have it a mini review. Do try it out. It’s good.  This is the part where I beg for followers 🙂. Subscribe to my blog if you like what I have to say. If you don’t, gimme another chance. Check out this post.Connect with me on Pinterest/ Twitter/ Instagram.Maybe even give my Facebook page some TLC?  Remember the comments section is all yours.Have you tried any other Pantene products you would like to recommend?

Thanks for reading!



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