#Blogmas Day 23: Ho-Ho-Holidays

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Guys!! School is out. Woohoo. Freedom. No work, no lesson planning, no correcting, no thinking 24/7 about my kids (students) and teaching. My goal for this Xmas is break is to finally have some me, me, me time. I have been working non-stop all year!

All winter I had my online lessons in the mornings and my Greek kids in the afternoons.My summer was spent  in the UK.  I taught at Sheffield uni. I came back to Greece in September and started work straight away!I really need a break.

Don’t get me wrong. I ❤ teaching and my students, but I really, really need a break. The time has come and it’s today. So, Happy holidays to all students and teachers out there. Time to rest, relax and reboot.

Talk tomorrow



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