Gift guide for your colourblind friend: #Blogmas Day 22

I am partially colourblind which is why I thought I’d write a ‘different’ gift guide! I am going to help you buy something for your colourblind friend. Just cause we are colourblind doesn’t mean we want everything (your pressies) to be black and white. We do like colours, we just need a bit of help with them. Extra info: 1/12 men and 1/200 females are (partially) colourblind.

So, I will give you gift ideas and how you can make them better for you buddies 🙂 Let’s say colourblind friendly.

Safe bets

Books, cds, perfumes, food, drinks, notebooks, dvds….

Tricky but …. giveable

Board games/card games/games

 UNO is difficult to play if you are colour blind. If you really want to get this game though, I would suggest writing what colour each card is on the card (that’s what I have done). Same goes for any other board game that is colour coordinated (e.g. monopoly). Thinking of getting a snooker table? Use a permanent marker on the balls that are the same colour. Put polka dots/numbers/squares/ stripes to make them look different because of the design, not the colour :).


Makeup companies continue to change the name of the colour of a product into something more catchy. OMG (I am sick of saying how inconsiderate/unfair this is but anyhoo, just a girl… no power). If you decide to buy your friend makeup, put labels with the a colour description on the product (nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow). If you buy an eye palette, help your friend out by adding an extra sheet where you number the shades and then why not make suggestions about what goes with what?   ❤  Bottom line just label everything. Say what colour it is (maybe even add if it cool/warm tone or if it summer-y or winter-y).

Christmas pic 2


Get whatever you think your friend will like, but again, add a sticker or label the tag on the piece of clothing you got. I would suggest avoiding too many colours cause it’s hard for us to colour match/coordinate.


Again use labels/stickers

How to describe a colour

We (ok I) don’t really care if it’s navy or royal blue. We just need to know that it’s blue and it matches with X, Y, and Z. If you think the tone/hue is important, explain why. Make it easy for your buddy to know how to match/use your present.

Christmas pic 1

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Thanks for reading. This post is very close to home. If you want to read more about the challenges of being colourblind check out my sidebar.




5 thoughts on “Gift guide for your colourblind friend: #Blogmas Day 22

  1. Great post, Joanna. This could be really interesting in the business English area. It is certainly something that is not normally addressed by retailers, at least as far as I know. Seems to be something that could be a market niche – ‘buying gifts for family and friends who are colourblind / not able to distinguish between shades of colours’ (or something like that. I see a lesson plan coming!


  2. Hi Joanna, new here from Show Your Blog Love. I have never really understood colour blindness. Very interesting read and info. I can’t imagine, but great tips.


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