How I plan: decorative planning for beginners

So today I will talk about planning and this is going to be the first post of a series of posts. I ❤ planning. I am a teacher and a capricorn, which means that I am doomed to be a planner. I plan lessons, blog posts, where I am going to go, trips, what I am gonna wear, the lots. I also have planners.  I am going to share with you my planning process and share a few thoughts about decorative planning or glam planning if you prefer.

Two planners

One for work and one for fun stuff+ work (let’s call the second a life planner cause it’s a buzz term and maybe this post will get more hits :p).

My work planner

Brand: Dunno. It’s a Greek planner with dates and a little ribbon to show you where you are. I write down the lessons I have, and make notes if my learners want to do something special with me.

My fun planner

Brand: Teneues (

It was given to me as a gift from friends for my birthday. I like it for various reasons.The layout works well for me. The days are written in a horizontal way. The boxes are not very big, but next to each page with the days, there is a notes page. I like that because while I enjoy decorative planning, I really like making notes (check out their website, you can see the spreads).

What goes in my fun planner?

Eeverything. My appointments, work-related stuff, notes of my blog post ideas, things I need to do or remember remeber. In fact my planner is more like me brainstorming what I need to do in a week, than planning the week.

What about decorating?

I use washi tape and decorative stickers which I print myself (DIY) stickers. I also use Post-it Notes which are more practical and can move around, so my spreads are functional but pretty as well.


When do I plan?

On the weekend. I make a big cup of coffee, play some music in the background and start planning. If there are things that change during the week, then I write down stuff. There is no overkill, just a bit of planning.

Why do I like decorative planning?

Well, it looks pretty, it makes me want to plan, I see the things I want to do and the whole process is fun.

I am not spending a fortune. It is like scrapbooking and it relaxes me (if ever planning can be fun).

I will be sharing lots of planning related posts and I have my first giveaway coming up so stay tuned. I will be interviewing atleast one Etsy store owner, people who have DIY sticker websites and people from the planning community (if you want to be featured or interviewed, email me or leave a comment below).

So that’s all folks. My first planning post. Feel free to leave a comment about how you plan your weeks.


My planner and stickers from FruVesasPrintables

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Talk soon


I have written another similar planner post on my primary blog. Check it out here


5 thoughts on “How I plan: decorative planning for beginners

  1. I keep so many notes on the stuff I plan to do in my lesson, ideas, videos to convert, links and online games to use. But I also do something kinda osd…if I don’t like my handwriting, I tear and re-write the whole thing…needless to say that correction fluid is a very good friend of mine.


  2. Hi Jenny!!
    Thanks for stopping by!! I ❤ comments so thanks for leaving one. It does, doesn't it? A pretty spread of all the things that need to get done is way nicer than just a list of stuff in black pen!!


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