Greek gal in the UK post 3: itsy bitsy spider

One summer, a long time ago, I attended a summer school for teachers in the UK. We were staying in Lancaster and the place there is very green. I was staying at the university’s accommodation and sharing a kitchen with my friends. One morning, I woke up and decided to be extra nice and make brecky for everyone. I did. But, my lazy bones friends wouldn’t get up, so I ended up munching on my crumpets all alone.

I decided to make some tea cause when in Britain do as the Brits, and I did. I started flipping through my magazine, drinking my tea, and just enjoying my British breakfast. Then, my friend came in the kitchen and I happily said, “Hey, Kat, I made tea it’s in the pot over there”.

Kat to me, ” So, are you drinking from this pot?”

Me: ” Yeap”

Kat: ” Have you had all of it?”

Me: “Yeap”. I started to get a bit worried.” Why? What’s up?”

Kat: “Well, you boiled a spider as well!”


First reaction: ” A spider? Yuck”

Second reaction: “Um…. are they poisonous?”

Kat: “Dunno”

So, I started running around trying to find an English person to answer the million dollar question. Was I gonna die? You see, those days no one had internet on their phones, so my quest for this answer was nerve wracking. My professor (yeap, I asked my English lit professor the spider question) informed me that they weren’t. Pfew. I dodged a bullet there. I was very, very lucky.

Of course, I survived cause I am here to tell the story. That, yes, people, I have had orange juice, apple juice, cactus juice, and spider juice (or tea)…. : P

What did I learn?

Spiders in the UK are not poisonous!!

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2 thoughts on “Greek gal in the UK post 3: itsy bitsy spider

    • Yeap!! I was worried as well. I thought I was gonna die. You see I grew up in Australia and there the itsy bitsy spiders ain’t friendly hehehe.


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