Makeup brushes for newbie-oldies (like me)

Let me start by saying I am not a beauty guru, nor do I know that much about makeup and makeup brushes. You see, I am an English teacher and an educational blogger (for the past two years-the blogger bit, the teacher bit has been foreva 🙂 ). BUT…..  I do  ❤  me makeup though, and I did buy makeup brushes, so why not write a post about them? That’s what this blog is all about, isn’t it? And anyway, brushes can be so overwhelming. I am gonna make it simple, and tell you what has worked for me.

Brush purchasing history

I started off by buying brushes and sponges (or blenders as they call them now) when I was young. I then started watching YouTubers reviewing brushes. My favourite YouTubers for reviewing stuff are Lilly Pebbles and MsGoldgirl (if you press their names, you will see them reviewing makeup brushes). So, I did my research and I am now an informed brush buy-er! I am actually going to share with you lovely ladies (who were/are clueless in terms of makeup brushes, like me) what works for me, the beauty dummy.

My extremely basic (affordable) brush collection

M.A.C 2,17 (natural hair). I use this to apply my cream eye makeup

Real techniques makeup brushes (synthetic bristles – the old version, not the silver ones) The foundation brush to apply my foundation, and the stippling brush to squash it on my skin and it helps avoid having brush ‘streaks’ on my face.

Sephora blush brush and Sephora powder brush (synthetic bristles). Both are nice and fluffy and I use them accordingly.

Let’s talk about money

These brushes range from 15-22 euros. If you are in the UK, M.A.C is more expensive than in Europe, but Real technique brushes are reasonably priced and you can always find a deal at Boots or Superdrug. If you are in Europe like me, you can find Real Techniques kits on Amazon. Sephora is everywhere (except the UK, but you can order online if you are in the UK).

Now on to the good part

Washing the brushes. I dunno why, but when I was younger, I used to just chuck the brush when it got filthy (yucky-looking). I also thought the fairy makeup brush wash-er would come and take them, and wash them (fairy a.k.a my mum). Now, I actually wash em. Yeap. I put them in the sink in some warm-ish water, put some shampoo, and leave them in there for a while. I sometimes add a bit of makeup remover as well, just to get the extra gunk off them (I know, my brushes sound really inviting), and then I wash them with cold water. According to my hair dresser, it’s better to rinse off your hair with cold-ish water, so if makeup brushes are made of natural hair then… cold water it is.

To be a bit more serious, while I am not a makeup artist, or someone who knows makeup like the back of their hand, brushes do make a difference. Using your fingers to apply makeup up is not a grand idea cause whatever you have touched goes on your face! Spend a bit of money on your brushes. Do your research. Whatever it takes to make us look prettier.

If you are a makeup guru and have a comment or so, please do leave a comment. Follow me and please share if you enjoy my posts (my new blog needs some TLC).

Check out if you are a teacher ( I know what I am talking about over there 😛 ).

full pic white flowers

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by.

Talk soon


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