Greek gal in the UK post 2: the missing cucumber

Yeap, this is gonna become a page where Greek gal (me) goes somewhere and tells you about her adventures. I am going to stop using the 3rd person now cause that’s just weird..

I spent two summers in Newcastle (UK) and I had some really fun times. Today, I am going to talk about a little adventure on the metro (underground). So, I had gone to Waitrose (a supermarket- my favouitre by the way) and I had done my shopping for dinner (or tea, as the Brits say). I bought lots of veggies cause I wanted to make a salad, and since I am Greek, I was gonna make a Greek salad. I got all me veggies, put them in a nice cheap bag, and left.

Let me just explain the bag situation for a bit. Supermarkets in the UK give you the option of a cheapo bag that is like 2 pennies or a more expensive one (that is also more durable) that costs more. I wanted to save money (yeah, that’s where you save money and the environment Joanna) so I got the cheap softie bag.

I was done with my shopping and it was time to go home. I got my tickets and just went through the ticket inspection machines (you know the annoying little thingies that have a bar that goes up and then you are in the metro area). I was in the metro area, waiting around, and then I heard, ” Excuse me miss!!” Me, no reaction. A bit louder, “Excuse me Miss… your cucumber!” Me: “Huh?”. Him: ” You lost your cucumber!” I stopped, turned around, and saw a young smiley man waving a long cucumber in my face. MY cucumber. Of course, I couldn’t stop laughing cause this was the most random thing eva, and I never expected to hear the phrase… you lost your cucumber. Btw the cheapo bag got torn and the cucumber fell out of it.

Anyway, I thanked the young lad (look at me going all Brit on ya), got on the metro, and went home with my cucumber.

What did I learn?

  • Buy shorter cucumbers
  • and just use bags that are made of cloth. They are better for the environment anyways!!


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Talk soon.

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5 thoughts on “Greek gal in the UK post 2: the missing cucumber

  1. Good advice but you know, even the expensive bags can let you down! I was rushing to work one day because I didn’t want to miss the train. I was going away for the weekend and I’d crammed everything into my rucksack so it would be easy to carry. The next thing I knew, some guy was chasing me down the street telling me that the zip had come open and I was leaving a trail of clothes behind me. Fortunately the things I would have least liked him to see were at the bottom…!


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