Greek gal in the UK: you can taste the medicine in your mouth? Sweet!!!!!

Sooooo hospitals, we all ❤  ’em , don’t we? This summer I was lucky enough to experience a UK hospital admission for the first time. You see, I live in Greece, but I spend my summers in the UK. This summer I had a really bad infection. I took penicillin, went to the doctor, they changed my penicillin. Infection still there. Different doctor, different penicillin. Infection still there (little bugger wouldn’t go away). So after taking 3 different penicillin based antibiotics, I heard the magic words, ” Joanna, you need to be hospitalised”. You need to be given the medication intravenously. ”Oh” (that’s me in my head).

So, off I went to get admitted. That’s when I met the lovely nurse. let’s call him Brad. Brad is a good-looking nurse! WE (me and you guys) ❤ Brad.  He took my details and then said, ” Oh, you have xxxxx on your leg, sweet, can I see?” My response: “Hmmmmmmm, sure!” :p .

He then gave me the  grand tour and took me to my bay. I had no pjs, so I had to wear those groovy hospital ones. I was actually alone in the bay and there were loads of beds. I got some toast and then Brad came to give me my antibiotics.

He asked, ” So, Joanna. Can you breathe?”

Me: “Ummmmm, yes…..”

Brad: “Is you mouth swollen?”

Me: ” Ummmmmmm, no…..”


Me (again): ”Brad… I feel the taste of the medication in my mouth. Is that normal?”

Brad: “What? You can taste it? I hate intravenous medication, it is the most dangerous way to give medication!” and he runs off.

Meanwhile, I am in my bed wondering if I am gonna die or not (obviously, I didn’t).

Anyways, Brad runs back in with another nurse this time.

She goes to me: ” So, you can taste the medication?”

Me: ” Yes……”

Female nurse: ” Some patients have said that. Don’t worry Joanna, even if something happens, I know how to reverse it.”

Me (in my head) “If something happens, you know how to reverse it?Oh man!!”

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, I lived and I am here to tell the story.

What did I learn? Don’t go to the hospital alone. Always drag someone with you especially if you are in a foreign country.

2015-05-10 15.17.41

That’s all folks


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