Get ready with me//partially sighted

Hi everyone,

I have been watching Youtube makeup tutorials for a while and I really enjoy them, but they are not for me. What I mean is, I see titles like:

Makeup for glasses


Get ready with me in the dark

And I kinda cringe.

You see, I have registered as partially sighted (visually impaired) and have achromatopsia (rare color deficiency). I cannot relate.

When you cannot see well, makeup tutorials for people who wear glasses cannot be intricate coz well…. you cannot see. It is as simple as that!

I filmed a Get Ready With Me video and showed how I do my makeup.When I watched it I thought to myself,

Who will watch this amateur GRWM?

But then I thought,

this IS my reality.

And the reality of many, like me. So, I shared.


My focus is on the base (foundation). At the moment, I am using the Clinique Beyond Perfection foundation (I like it). I also choose a bold (ish) lip colour (I 😍 Clinique Pop).

My eyes usually have one colour on them. I usually use an eye shadow stick because they are easier to control and harder to mess up.

I use primers and setting sprays to hold the look together.

I do not really do smokey eyes or wings or yada, yada, yada.

Oh! And if someone is around, I ask them to check my makeup. See if everything is looking OK because I cannot seeeeeee.

You see, for me, putting on my makeup in the dark is kinda like a reality, NOT a fun YouTube click bait idea idea. So, if you are in the same boat as me, check out my video and maybe give me some tips. I will be back with more Get Ready With Me videos coz I need to be more descriptive.

This is the video

Let me know what you think.




4 thoughts on “Get ready with me//partially sighted

  1. I don’t like those “getting ready in the dark” videos. I can’t see anything, and although my world isn’t dark because I can see if the sun’s shining in my window, I can’t see any shapes, colours, or anything useful for applying make-up. What gets me most about these videos is that the make-up often doesn’t turn out well, and then the people laugh at how bad it went. Well what a surprise! You’re doing something you’ve never done before in a way that you’ve never done it before. Of course it’s going to go badly. But it doesn’t mean that those of us who can’t look in a mirror can’t do it either – not when we spend time practicing and refining our techniques. What’s a bit of “fun” and clickbait is actually some people’s reality.
    On a more positive note, I did see a recent challenge with people only using their fingers for the make-up. They were allowed to look, and some of them came out quite well. I do use my fingers a lot, so I thought that was an interesting way to get people trying something new without being patronising.

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    • Hey Kirsty,
      I use my fingers a lot as well! I also use a sponge. Keeping it simple is what works for me and yes, it is kinda insensitive to use darkness as a fun idea!

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  2. Thanks for making and sharing this video! It’s refreshing to see a realistic makeup-for-glasses look. I mostly wear contacts, but on the rare day I don’t feel like wearing them or if I run out, I literally have to do my makeup mere inches away from the mirror to see what I’m doing! lol It certainly makes using brushes with their long handles difficult.

    I really loved your final look. Fresh and pretty daytime makeup!

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