Working from home: Yes or No?

Hi everyone!!

I made a video a while back but never published it. I decided to just click publish cause I do think it is interesting to hear about the challenges of working from home. Do excuse the background. I dunno what I was thinking with the pearls in the background!!

I hope you like my video.



3 thoughts on “Working from home: Yes or No?

  1. Hi Joanna, I’ve been thinking of teaching online from home but don’t really know where to start…? Do you work for a company or are you self-employed (how do you go about getting students if the latter; & getting payment???); how do you start with a virtual whiteboard etc…..? Any help would be much appreciated; thanks so much x


    • Hi Kim!!
      I work for a company, so I don’t really have to look for students or worry about payment. Unfortunately, my company is not really looking to hire, so I cannot refer you to them. You can search online though. I do know that indeed. co. uk often advertisers online teaching jobs. If you want to go freelance, I suggest making a website, getting a facebook page and all the social media and just start advertising wherever, however you can. I like working for a company though. I think it is a great starting point. I have a Business English tab and an online teaching tab on my sidebar that may help you out.


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