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You got to love makeup and anything beauty related, right? I know I do but I ain’t no money bags……

A while back I watched a video on Elle Florence’s YouTube channel and she talked about where she saves money and where she likes to splurge. I decided to write a post based on that idea but with a twist. My focus will be on Beauty/ Makeup. Where do I save money and where do I splurge? What do I usually purchase from the drugstore and when do I go to the luxury counter?


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I usually save money and go for the Eau de Toilette of perfumes I like. When I really, really like something though, I go for the Eua de Parfum. What I have in the Parfum version? Of course my Mademoiselle Coco (Chanel) and My Chloe Love.



I have my splurge version which is my Double Wear by Estee Lauder and which gives me a porcelain face look. I wear that when I go out/ special occasions. My everyday makeup is the L’oreal Infallible Matte.


I don’t have many, but 95% is a multi purpose palette and it is a luxury purchase.



All my makeup brushes are more affordable. I love my Sephora Powder brush and my Mac 2.17. I have loads of Real technique brushes as well.

Skin Care

Anything that gets absorbed by my face skin  should be expensive in my books. At the moment, my skin care routine has Clinique, Estee Lauder and Vichy in it.




It’s just not worth it. If a mascara is supposed to live only for 3 months, then high street all the way. L’oreal, once again.



I do not have any high end Blushes unless they are in a palette. I love my Mac Fleur and my L’oreal blushes.

Nail polish

My nail polish is 95% drugstore, so I save money here. Although, lately I have been getting them done and not really using any of my nail polishes. Interesting info. The H & M nail polishes are great. My fave one though is a Dior nail polish.

nail giveaway

Hair Products

I tried high end (Aveda/ Mythic Oil) and haven’t been persuaded yet. So, for hair, I use my Pantene.

Wipes- Cleansing

Yeap. I use wipes to take my makeup off every time I need to take it off. I just buy random ones you can find at the drug store or supermarket as long as they are for sensitive skin. Foams, balms and any other products that are supposed to clean your face are all more affordable ranges. I use Caudalie, products from Korres and the Body shop.

Wild Card

Yeap, I am cheating here. When it comes to lipstick I am 50/50.  My lipstick collection is both high end and high street. My favourites are the Clinique Pop lippies and the H & M lippies.


I have A LOT of lipsticks…… Favourite drugstore: Max Factor Pink Brandy. High end: I cannot choose one lippie, but the lip cream I am obsessed with at the moment is  Laura Mercier Coral Reef!!

Laura Mercier Coral Reef

Laura Mercier Coral Reef

So, there you have it lovelies. Check out Elle Florence’s channel here.

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