Makeup and toiletry (UK mini haul)

Hi Loves!

Back with another mini/not that mini haul.I  have been in Sheffield for a week now and since I will spend all summer here, I need stuff (or so I tell myself). I did a bit of makeup/ toiletry shopping and I am going to tell you what I got and first impressions.


I repurchased Infallible (mattifying foundation). This is my 3rd tube. It is long lasting (although you may need to touch up after some hours) and it has good coverage. It is my go to everyday makeup. I love it. I also got a new mascara. This one is called Hippie and it is supposed to give me ultra mega giga volume (waterproof). I like the L’oreal mascaras and I always buy new ones to try them out!

Super Facalist by Una Brennan

My friend Deirdre bought me this pre-cleansing stage facial oil because I really like rose- scented products. You put the oil in your palms, rub your palms a bit and then apply to your face. You give the oil some time to start breaking your makeup and then remove it with a damp towel. I have only used it once. It feels nice, but I need to give it a few more tries before I have an opinion. Deirdre really likes it and I always agree with her on makeup, so I think this one will be a winner (also the reviews online are great!).


Deirdre also got me a nail polish from Rimmel in the colour Rose Libertine 405 (beautiful rose/ pink) and those really cool nail polish remover pots where you pop your finger in  the pot and the nail polish comes off! It’s from Boots.



 I got the Miracle Hairspray volume and hold. Another friend recommended this,. I haven’t tried it yet, so no idea if it gives volume. According to S., it does, so let’s see!! I have tried Aussie products in the past and in general I like them.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

People have mixed feelings about this one, but for me it works fine. Yes, it may leave a bit of white residue, but if you rub or move your hair a bit, it goes away. I got the scent cherry and I use this dry shampoo when my hair is a it oily and needs some jazzing up.


Sleek lip creams

I am still loving them. You can read the full review of the lippies here.



 I got a single eye shadow to use as a base all over the lid. I got the shade Ingenude 01 which is a cream/beige/subtle gold hue.

Organic Surge

I went to TKMaxx and got a more fancy body wash. This is by the brand Organic Surge and I love the scent. It is supposed to be an invigorating body wash and the smell is so nice. Citrus Mint. That’s all I have to say. I really like it.20160626_114118-1 (1)

So, that’s all!!Have you tried any of these products? Any thoughts? Any suggestions on what I need to try whilst in the UK. I have at least 3 months of shopping ahead <3<3 . I will be back with a new post some time soon (clothes and home-wear haul).

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Have a lovely Sunday!!

Talk soon.



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