My Dior natural makeup look

Hi dolls!

The last time I went to the Dior counter and bought some makeup, the sales assistant told me that the Dior (Greece) makeup artist would be coming to my town and asked me if I would like to get my makeup done. Of course the lovemedoo (aka: me) jumped at the opportunity and said of course! So, in today’s post I will share with you what the makeup artist told me and I will show you some pics and of course what I got!


The condition of my skin

Let’s start with my age. I am 40. When I sat in the ‘chair’ the Dior makeup artist asked me how I take care of my skin. I said the truth. I wear a day cream which is moisturising and at night-time I also wear a face cream. I do not wear sun screen lotion and I always take off my makeup before I go to bed.

He said that my skin is very sensitive which is why I need to wear sunscreen. I also have red spots (discoloration not acne) cause of the sensitivity. My skin is a bit dehydrated.

He also suggested

I use a serum before applying my cream because it absorbs the facial cream much better and goes deeper into the skin.

The products he used on my face were:

Dior Totale Dream Skin: this products refines the skin texture and evens the colour of your skin. It is also an anti wrinkle cream.

One essential serum: this detoxifies and makes skin look luminous.

Capture Totale MultiPerfection Cream: this cream delivers immediate long-lasting comfort and is anti-ageing.

Caprtue Totale Eye Serum: it makes your eyes look more rested, detoxified and regenerates.

(descriptors take from the website)

My skin felt nice and soft after all the creams and serums.

The look

Unfortunately, I did not write down all the products used, but I do have some of them, so I can share most of the info.


Primer: Diorskin Forever and Ever Primer


Fourdation: Dior Forvever foundation

Powder:DiorSkin Forever & Ever Control: Extreme Perfection & Meatte Finish Invisible Loose Powder.

Lip Liner: Number 593

Lippie: Dior Addict Milky Tint no. 126.

I got the powder, the liner and the lippie.


I really had fun at the Dior makeup counter. I loved the look and the experience. To be totally honest though, after I took off my makeup my under eye area (left eye) was a bit puffy and red and I do not know why. It may have been the products or the makeup remover I used to take off the makeup. I actually did a no makeup day or two after that.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried any of these products?

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Talk soon!




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