My planners & Colour crush personal planner review

Hi lovelies,

TTAP: Time to talk about planners (again). My Webster’s pages colour crush personal sized planner arrived. Yay. I now have 3 planners :D.

Show us your planners!!!

My Happy planner: this is where I do my decorative/ crafty planning. Pretty eh? This is my creative outlet (+ decorative planning is a thing. YouTube it).

full spread polka dots


A random Greek planner: this is where I write down my lesson notes/ my work schedule. My messy planner.I am a busy teacher.


And now this beauty!!!

My Colour Crush: How do I use it? well read below for more details about this one 🙂CC pic

Where did I get it from & cost?

I got it on Amazon and it was 19 pounds.

Mini review

It is pretty and light. Ideal for travelling. The rings are in good condition. Nothing flimsy about it.

My set up

I have inserts, paper clips, some post it notes, and a pen.


The paper clips I made myself and you can read that post here. (a bit of decoration of course. I don’t use them, use them).

The inserts are from Just Jaimee (story planner) and you can get the March printables here. They are printable inserts.


February kit


What will I be using this one for?

Ok!! So I am trying to find my planner self. At the moment, I am using it to plan my blog posts. In the summer I will be using it as my main planner cause I will be in the UK for about 15 weeks, and well, I need my 20 kilo suitcase limit for other stuff.

Colour crush.jpg

In the mood for some shopping?

* The Colour crush planner and the kit (inserts) can be found here.

*The Happy planner (if you like crafting and planning this is great) can be found here. This is an 18 month planner but the pages can be taken out or repurposed. I wrote a review of the Happy Planner and you can find it here.

* A more everyday planner (like my messy one 🙂 ) can be found here

These are all Amazon links. You do not pay extra for the products, I just make a small commission off your purchase.

planner review.jpg

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