Plan with me: The Polka Dot Spread & Free Printable

I ❤ polka dots and I wanted to make a polka dot spread, so this week’s spread is just that. I got digital paper from aestheticaddiction ( I have a coupon code and a printable to share with you later on),I made a few full boxes on sticker paper, and I also printed a polka dot jpeg which I used as the background for half of my week.

My spread

full spread polka dots pin right

This week’s planning

This week I put all my work schedule on one page and my to dos/ to pay, blog post ideas and other little things on the next page. I also found a few quotes and printed them on sticker paper and added them on my spread.

Stickers used

❤ The rose on the left hand corner, the paint box, the lap top, the piggy bank, the open book and the bath tub are from Michelle and Patch.


❤ The nail polish and the coffee mug are from Planner Chick designs.

❤ The rose on the right hand side (with the stalk) and the cocktail glass are from shop Alissa love.

❤ The tabs and tear drops are from Lilly Top stickers.

❤ The scale is from the Sassy Planner.

❤ The visa card, the lip stick, and the weight is from Lemon Paper co.

Aesthetic addiction polka dot digital paper. I have some coupon codes from her store for you guys.

20DISC – this is good for 20% off a purchase.
50DISC – 50% of any order over $10.00


The pearl paperclip I made by myself.

The glitter flower paperclip I made myself. You can read the DIY post here.

The owl paper clip is from CandLcrafts1

 Get my polka dot printable here:

polka dot paintPolka dot printable with boxes

So, that’s all lovelies. I hope you like my spread ❤ ❤

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Full spread polka dots with right pin


Happy planning xx


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